How to Get More Action on TS Dating Sites

On a recent post titled 5 Tips for New Online Daters , Doug commented:

“Hi… I’m hoping for some thoughts on what I might be doing wrong… I have been on and off of TS Dating Service several times. I keep tring with the special offers they give me. The women in Philly seem very limited, and I also try across the country to maybe just make friends. Seems no one in Philly will even reply to me. I have gotten responses from some ladies from other states, even talking on the phone. Yes, having wonderful conversations, but nothing comes of anything.”

While it would be difficult to surmise the exact reason for Doug’s lack of responses from transwomen, I’m hoping the following suggestions will help. One thing to keep in mind before blaming your own tactics is to remember that some cities have more transexual women than others, especially more liberal places. Also, there are a hell of a lot more cis-women out there, so looking for the ideal trans partner is sometimes akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Not impossible, but it may take a little extra effort.

Don’t despair! Employ these strategies, and you’ll increase your chances of finding someone special…

1. Stand out from the crowd.

There are many guys looking to meet local transwomen for dating and relationships. Let those TS know why they should choose you! Upload more than one flattering photo, and at least one that is a close-up of your face. If you are ashamed to show yourself on a TS dating site, a woman may assume that you are ashamed about being with HER. So be yourself, and put your best self forward. For more help read: Tips for Choosing Online Dating Profile Pictures.

2. Take time to craft an excellent profile.

As an experienced online dater myself, I can tell you that the first thing a woman does after she receives a message is check out a man’s profile. Even a decent message won’t make up for an empty or half-assed profile. Fill out every section as fully as you can, giving details about your unique personality and your individual passions. Get more in-depth tips on crafting a killer profile here: Writing a Better TS Dating Profile.

3. Put careful thought into your messages.

Remember that while your inbox may be empty, there is a lot of competition going on for the lovely transwomen you find at online dating sites. This means THEIR inboxes are overflowing with messages from would-be suitors. While you don’t need to write a novel to get her attention, the key to getting a response is to let her know that you’ve read her profile fully and found something in it that resonates with you. Find that common ground or detail that excites you, and let her know that your interest is in her specifically, and not just in meeting a transexual. Get more ideas from the post: Sending a First Message to a Trans Woman.

4. Don’t come off as a tranny chaser.

Read and understand the following articles to get more insight into what this truly means and why transwomen often reject or ignore many of the men contacting them on TS dating sites. 4 Things All Tranny Chasers Need to Know and How to Cross Over From Tranny Chaser to Admirer.

Best of luck and happy dating! If you have any questions or tips to add, please share in the comments below!

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