Where to Meet Local Trans Women

Looking everywhere to meet trans partners and coming up empty?

The simple answer to the question “Where can I meet trans women?” is this:

Anywhere you find all women.

Why? Because trans women are just like other women who may enjoy eating out, shopping, or hanging out at coffee shops and bars.

You may have come upon a transgender woman-of-your-dreams more than once and had no idea because some trans women are especially hard to spot.

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Before You Meet Trans Women

Before I go into the list of places to meet trans women, I want to make sure you understand the following.

Trans women typically don’t like “tranny chasers”.

This may seem confusing because who wouldn’t like the people who adore them the most? But what this boils down to is having the right intentions.

Trans women do not want to be approached by a guy simply because of their gender or their pre-op “secret”. They don’t care about your interest if it’s a novelty they provide, or if it has anything to do with the shemale porn you watched at home.

A trans woman is a WOMAN, and like any woman, would like to know that you’re interested because you’re attracted to HER and the complete, unique person who she is.

Imagine this scenario: a woman gets hit on by a guy at the bar, and when he strikes out the woman sees him simply move onto the girl at the next barstool. That’s when she realizes that he’s not interested in her specifically but that any woman will do. Avoid making this mistake, and you’ll be elevated in her eyes from the get go.

Where to Meet Local Trans Women

So where are all the transgender ladies at? Well, if you haven’t found them or recognized them among the general populous, try these suggestions:

GLBTT Friendly Places

Search for locations in your city that are trans-friendly and friendly to the gay and lesbian communities in general.

I did a google search and through pages on “answer sites” and forums and found all sorts of recommendations for various places on and offline that were specific to my city. Ask and thou shalt receive!

And don’t just focus on nightclubs because there are likely coffee shops or other places to hang out, particularly in your city’s GLBTT neighborhood.

Online Groups for Trans People and Their Supporters

Many of the recommendations I found for people seeking to meet trans people led to online groups. You can also search for transinterest groups on Yahoo or even on Facebook. But remember, if you’re looking to actually meet up with someone, be sure to always search for groups that are for your specific city or the nearest large city.

Trans Clubs and Gay Bars

Not every city is going to have a dedicated club for transgender women and admirers but they do exist. Ask people in the trans groups you joined or throw the question out on a forum for tgirls and their admirers.

As for the gay bar, yes, I know you’re not gay, but in many towns that is the closest you’re going to get to finding a place where trans women are comfortable and willing to talk to you when approached. Ask if any of the gay bars have a drag night as that is going to be a better bet.

Transgender Dating Sites

This is by far the easiest way for you to meet a local transgender woman.

You don’t have to guess who is and who isn’t trans, or wonder if they’re even looking to hook up or to start a relationship. There are thousands of trans profiles, and all you need to do is push a button and write your message.

For those of you who think a paid dating site like TSmeet.com is too expensive, think of it this way: every time you go to a bar looking to pick up, it costs you much more than 20 bucks a month. Online dating – way more bang for your buck!

View our list of the Best Trans Dating Sites..

Cosmetic Counters

You’ll find T-girls on both sides of the cosmetic counter. Since you probably aren’t all that familiar with makeup brands and companies, it’s worth knowing that places like Sephora, Lush, and MAC Cosmetics have been quite focused on representing diverse communities and giving job opportunities to transgender people.

Sephora is a massive mid to upscale cosmetics store, and you will find transgender women shopping and working there. So go and have a browse. Your favorite aunt’s birthday is coming up and she’s not expecting a high-end lipstick or illuminating face stick from you, but hey.

Good luck and remember, don’t wait for that sexy trans woman to approach you.

While the internet would have us believe they are all man-eaters, the truth is that trans women love it when you make the first move. So don’t make her come to you – make her feel like the lady she is.

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