Want to Date Trans Women? Questions to Ask Yourself

Dating sites are a great place to meet trans women for hookups, dating, relationships, and even just connection through conversation. If you are single and feel a trans attraction, why not explore niche sites where you can browse and meet beautiful women.

When you’re lonely, it’s easy to jump right in, get a membership, and ask the first woman you see if she’s interested. But some self-reflection and thought before you begin your search to meet a trans woman is important.

If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s unlikely you will find it. This applies to most things in life, and especially to dating trans women. I’ve been much more successful with online dating when I’ve had a focus and been thoughtful about my approach, and I think you will be too!

4 Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Why are you looking for a trans woman?

Did you stumble upon some transgender porn and get an immediate hard-on? Did that get you thinking about what it would be like to fuck a trans woman, one with a girldick? Sure, there are plenty of t-girls looking for casual sex like you might be, but she also might have questions about your interest in trans women. Give it a bit of thought, so you can respond honestly about your trans attraction.

2. What do you really know about trans women?

If everything you know is from trans porn or salacious headlines involving Caitlyn Jenner, it may be time to expand your knowledge base. You don’t need to read academic studies, but understanding the journey of some trans women can be helpful. Lots of transgender women know that men fetishize them. If that’s true for you, you may want to figure out how to move past your trans fetish.

Check out Transgender Lives: Your Stories, a series of editorials about transgender experiences, from the The New York Times.

3. What type of connection are you looking for?

There are many types of online connections with trans women to explore. Know what you’re looking for, so you can separate the wheat from the chaff. The best place to do this is in your dating profile. Just want a casual one-off hookup? Say so. Want an ongoing friends-with-benefits arrangement. Say so. Looking for more. Say so. Women respect a straight-forward approach from men online.

4. What can you offer? Not offer?

You are going online to meet trans women for some kind of fulfillment, right? But what can you offer? It’s easy to be so focused on our own desires and needs that we forget the two-way street we’re on. Are you able to offer the possibility of love? Can you host a date or hookup at your place? Are you willing to switch from being a dominant to submissive? Will you suck her girldick if she asks? Know your boundaries, so you can avoid any unnecessary pleasantries.

Spontaneous connections made in real life can be awesome and intense and exhilarating, but they are rare and not always possible.

What trans dating advice can you share with readers? Leave a comment!

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