6 Transgender Dating Tips

You know the t-girl of your dreams is out there, somewhere. But you ask yourself, how can I make that dream a reality?

In other words, you know who you want but are a little unsure of how to actually meet them.

Well, you’re in luck, for while there can be some tricky stuff to learn these days—what with so many online dating sites to consider—getting yourself out there is not only a great way to meet people, but also can be a lot of fun!

6 Tips for Meeting Transgender Women

1. Create a Savvy Dating Profile

If you’re using trans-specific dating sites like TSdating.com, take your time to craft s stand-out profile before messaging the first hot woman you see. After all, a blank or unattractive profile—and we’re not just talking about bad pictures—is not something that’s going to bring anyone to your yard.

The Internet is an infinite repository of information, as well as a rather handy way to connect with people all around the world, including members of the trans community.

If you’re clueless about what to write on your profile, we suggest looking at what other people are doing to get some inspiration. Don’t copy, just see what you like about them and emulate those things in your own voice and style.

2. Take Your Time

Online dating can be a bit daunting, especially at the beginning of your search. That’s why we heartily recommend taking a deep breath and practice patience.

Even though the net can often seem like it’s moving at the speed of light, don’t forget that people don’t. So never expect things to come your way, t-girl dating and all, immediately.

Rather, take things at a nice, even pace, giving yourself time to understand how different dating sites work, what each has to offer, and most of all to polish your Internet-interacting skills.

3. Be Respectful when Looking

Being a jerk in real life or on the Internet will get you nothing, nada, zip, zero. So, always, always, always be polite and respectful. Even if all you’re looking for is casual encounters, don’t come on like a horndog looking for action, but rather an interesting and aware person looking to connect with someone in the trans community.

4. Accept Rejection

No means no. This applies to online as well as face to face. If someone says no, or doesn’t respond to a message, or for whatever reason they stop communicating, do not get all pissy. Sure, sending a polite message after a certain amount of time is okay, as we all get busy and such, but if there’s still no response then continue browsing profiles, or take a break.

Like a lot of communities—digital or not—being a jerk can quickly come back to bite you in the ass, so do try to be on your best behavior.

5. Put Yourself in Trans-Friendly Environments

There are other places to meet t-girls than surfing the web. If you live in a big city or close by, there are often trans-friendly events or sometimes even clubs that are always worth checking out.

Do please remember, though, that sometimes these venues or activities are not really set up as a way for folks to potentially hookup. So while getting out there and interacting with your local community is a great idea, try and resist the urge to be a slobbering wolf.

Rather, try to make friends. Not only is this a lovely way to connect with people, but often this kind of networking leads to all kinds of potential connections—sexual and romantic.

6. Expand Your Horizons

There might be great events and venues in your city that, while not specifically for the trans community, have a great deal of cross-pollination.

After all, trans people are people. That sounds obvious, but think of it this way: rather than being only transgender, they also might have a wide variety of interests and passions, many of which—if you get yourself out there—you will no doubt have in common with them.

Being a person worthy of love, affection, and desire is without a doubt the best way to attract that very same thing from other people—trans or not.

Where do you meet trans women? Please share in the comments!

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