How to Find Trans Casual Encounters

Whether you are open or private about your trans attraction, you probably struggle to meet trans women for casual dating. Meeting women for casual encounters is a struggle for most men because they are often labeled as players or dirtbags.

I don’t see anything wrong with playing the field with no intentions of commitment, if that’s where you are in your life. Maybe you have a fear of commitment, but it’s more likely you just aren’t ready for or interested in something serious. Casual hookups with different women can help you determine the kind of person and relationship you would like to settle down with. Or maybe you just like fucking—it might be as simple as that!

First things first, join a dating site if you haven’t already. And if you are on a mainstream site, you may want to try a niche site as well. These are created to help men and women find like-minded individuals. If you’re into kinky women, try; if you want to meet a transgender woman, try

As you probably already know, you can’t just drink at your local every night, hoping a long-legged beautiful trans woman shows up and sits down beside you.

Most men who complain they can’t meet women on dating sites, have not put any effort into writing a high-quality dating profile that women will find attractive. You don’t have to have the best looks or job or car if you’ve got the personality. You want to show that you’re more than just a dude looking to get laid.

Always be straight up in your profile about what you’re looking for. There is nothing to be ashamed about if all you want is casual sex or a friend with benefits. What is shameful are men who say they are open to more than they really are in an effort to cast a wider net. Don’t be one of those guys.

Women who only want casual sex still want to be treated like a lady. They want to be taken out on a date, shown a good time, before any sex stuff happens. When you woo a woman beforehand, the sex is always better! That’s not to say there aren’t women who will say fuck the date, and let’s just hook up… because anything is possible.

Where do you meet trans women?

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