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5 Tips for New Online Daters

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I haven’t forgotten how nerve wracking it was when I first tried online dating. I didn’t know where to start, but I had many friends who had been successful using dating sites. Your attraction to trans women may only have gone as far as videos, forums, or blog sites such as I Love TS, but maybe you’re now ready for more. I’ll give you some tips on how to get started.

5 Tips for New Online Daters

1. Explore Different Sites
Finding trans women on mainstream dating sites such as OkCupid isn’t going to be easy, so that’s why trans specific sites are a good avenue to meet exactly the kind of woman you are looking for. You could try a mainstream site as a testing ground because most are free before you explore and sign up for a paid membership at a TS site. We have many TS dating site reviews you can check out.

2. Create a Great Profile with Great Pictures
Once you’ve found a site you like or want to test out, it’s time to write a profile that makes you stand out. You want to put your best foot forward here by putting some effort in. I find it helps to have a close friend help you with tweaking and revising, so the real you comes across. Choosing the right pics for your profile is incredibly important. Again, you want different photos to show different sides of you.

3. Ask Friends for Support
Not only can friends help you create a great profile with description and pictures, they can also support you through the entire online dating process. I usually run profiles of people I like through my bestie for her opinion. Often a friend will see red flags that you don’t because you’ve got your dating goggles on. You can also ask friends to review and help write first messages, especially friends with online dating experience.

4. Be Safe and Go Slow
There are many safety precautions to take when online dating, from not revealing any personal information like where you live or work to meeting in a public space. These are to help protect your physical safety, but let’s not forget about mental health. Online dating can be stressful, especially for newbies. If you find yourself overwhelmed by incoming messages or negative responses, you can always take a dating break by logging out for a time.

5. Have Fun
Dating should be fun and meeting people online is a great way to boost your social circle, so enter with a positive attitude and without expectations. First dates make everyone a little anxious but if you think about it more in terms of excitement and nervous butterflies it will help. I still “real life” date but love the option of meeting a wider variety of people that online dating sites provide.

Are you new to online dating? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

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5 years ago

Hi… I’m hoping for some thoughts on what I might be doing wrong… I have been on and off of TS Dating Service several times. I keep tring with the special offers they give me. The women in Philly seem very limited ,and I also try across the country to maybe just make friends. Seems no one in Philly will even reply to me. I have gotten responces from some ladies from other states, even talking on phone. Yes, having wonderful conversations, but nothing comes of anything.

Lola Page
5 years ago
Reply to  dave

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your question. I decided to turn it into a full post which will be published in the next few weeks. I’ll post back here when it goes live so that you can find it!


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