Tips for Online TS Hookups

If you’re hoping to fulfill your transexual fantasy by hanging out at your local pub, then you really are fantasizing. Transgender women are waiting to meet you, but somewhere where they can feel in control—on dating sites.

With online dating, both parties can create their profile to share as much as they want, and to be specific about what they are looking for. If you only want casual hookups, you don’t have to waste time meeting those who are looking for something more serious. And neither do the ts women you admire.

These women won’t arrive on your doorstep, ready to blow your mind. You still have to flirt and chase, and be kind and courteous. This is a misconception about online hookups. Even if both you and her want no-strings arrangements, she will still expect some old-school courtship. Nothing too heavy, just some thought and energy when it comes to planning a date.

I’m not sure why I have to remind men of this all the time, but please read an entire profile before messaging a woman. Just because she’s hot, it doesn’t mean there might be something in her profile that will be a dealbreaker for you, even for a hookup. Maybe she’s just looking for companionship post-op and your horny as hell. Maybe she’s a single mother and your kid phobic.

Also, what you read in her profile is going to help you craft a personal message that will stand out. You can never forget that there is a lot of competition out there. Women receive many more messages than men, and they only reply to those they deem worthy… even for hookups!

Once you get in the swing of online dating, you’ll want to be wary of women who want more. Be upfront and honest about your intentions or lack thereof to keep things casual. And if feeling develop on either end, talk about them right away.

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