Where to Find Transgender Sex

You’re not looking to settle down just yet, or maybe you’re too busy at work for a relationship or just not the marrying kind. You want no-strings-attached casual sex, and you want to experiment and fulfill your fantasies.

You’re ready for hot trans sex, but how do you make it happen?

Meet transgender women online.

You really only need to read this far, for the single most effective solution to hot trans hookups. You’re already online. You’re here.

If you haven’t already, join a site, create a dating profile, and start responding to transgender women in your area that are looking for the same thing.

If you’re already a member on a dating site and you aren’t getting responses, revamp your profile. It’s amazing what a little fresh air on your online dating profile can do.

Go to the nearest metropolis.

You might not meet trans women seeking sex at your local. You might, of course, but then you would have already, no?

If you live in a smaller town, transgender women there probably go to the nearest big city when they want to shake their booty. There is safety in numbers, more resources for their community, and friends gather.

Go to a gay bar.

This is controversial, and not because you’re embarrassed or are intimidated to go to a gay bar, but because gay bars don’t want creeps lurking around with the sole intent of getting laid by the few women who go. So it’s not the best solution if you’re looking for an easy hookup. Online dating is much more efficient.

That said, if you happen to already be part of gay culture or are a gay ally because of your trans admirer status or because you know lots of transgender folks or because you volunteer on your town’s Pride committee, then by all means, continue to frequent the places you go. It’s a way of being proactive about meeting people and getting introduced to sexy TS women.

Make friends with transgender people.

Again, it’s creepy if you’re just suddenly right there, wanting to make a trans friend. But if you’re a friendly guy and there are transgender ladies at your work or in your circle, then there’s no harm in getting a little closer.

Friendship that isn’t all about hooking up means you are living a real, broad, full life with a realistic and diverse range of people in it. It’s not about a fast hookup but about networking. Being genuine friends with trans people ups the chance of you meeting other trans women who know them, and might want to know you.

Hire a transgender sex worker.

Also controversial, and sometimes illegal, so proceed with caution and research first.

I support independent sex workers (those who have chosen this work and work for themselves, not overturning their money to some guy who beats them if they don’t.) Professional sex workers are to be respected and deserve considerate and kind clients like you, and they already understand you want sex and have chosen to provide it.

Some feel that sex work is seedy, others see it as beneficial and smart. That is entirely dependent on the unique situation. But boycotting sex workers and lying to women to get sex “free” is much more reprehensible and leaves vulnerable women destitute or waiting for your phone call.

If it’s illegal or you’re not comfortable with this option, no problem. But if you’ve never considered it, it’s an obvious solution and a transgender sex worker may be experienced in helping newby admirers get comfortable and get the skills they need as a lover.

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