Best Trans Dating Sites for 2022

While TS Meet may be the most popular trans dating site among our readers here at I Love TS, there are a few other good ones to choose from as well.

Everyone has different intentions and desires when it comes to transgender dating, so I’ve broken my recommendations down into different categories. Feel free to read through them all, or skip ahead to the section that suits you with the navigation links below.

The sites below are our favorites and each of them offers something a little different. Most provide a free basic membership which means you can check them out to some degree before deciding which one suits you. My advice is to join for free, and if the site allows then do a search to see if there’s a good number of local members. Only upgrade on the one that has both plenty of local trans profiles and the features you desire.

Best Trans Dating Sites for Hookups

Disclosure: I’ve joined all the following sites, and remain an active member at Once I know a site is the real thing, I sometimes use links that earn a small commission if a reader chooses to upgrade. It costs nothing extra, just helps us keep this little TS blog alive.

TS Meet is the largest TS dating site of them all and is fully featured with member blogs, instant messaging, member videos (hot!), video chat, and chat rooms. But all those features come second to the real draw of TS Meet which is simply the massive amount of members.

This trans hookup site is worldwide with many millions of hookup hunters. Not everyone is trans or looking for a trans partner, but this super sex-positive site has been accepting trans women since the near-dawn of the internet, and it has been the go-to site for trans lovers ever since.

They are also one of the few sites that allows nudity, so be prepared for an eye-full!

I’d also like to note that TS Meet is part of the network, which is likely the reason for their long-time success and popularity. If you want all the bells and whistles and a huge pool of prospective partners, try TS Meet site first.

Find TS Hookups at Now

Another trans dating site worth giving a try thanks to it’s large and long-standing community. You won’t find all the video and group options that make TS Meet so exciting, but you may enjoy a site that is more specifically geared towards transgender members and those who want to meet them.

There’s a lot less to keep you occupied on the site, but some may prefer this as it puts the focus more on making an initial connection and arranging dates, with less online flirting. They still have “ice breakers” and have added some swipe-to-like functionality, but you won’t find live video or video introductions. Again, this is fine for most people.

I’ve recently added TS Dates to our list of trans dating sites because I received a few emails asking about it. It was originally left off because it is pretty  much identical to TS Meet inside, and shares the same large database of transgender women. So take your pick between the two, as it’s pretty much comparing apples to apples in this case.

Best Trans Dating Sites for Kinky People

Looking for TS dating with a kinky twist? BDSM and fetish lovers should head over to BDSM Date for the largest number of trans women seeking bondage, fetish play, domination and submission. This is a very kinky community where almost anything goes! If you want to explore elements of domination and submission with a transgender lover, or have a fetish you’d like to add to the mix, this is the site for you.

Trans Relationship Dating

Of course, not every guy seeking a trans woman is looking for hookups or casual dating. Many are more relationship-minded and would like a trans lover for a long-term relationship. If this sounds like you, give My Transsexual Date a try. They are very strict about keeping the site for relationship seeking trans women and admirers, and will quickly block any users who don’t respect this, so only join if you’re serious about transgender love.

Dating Sites for Crossdressers

Want to meet local crossdressers? Or are you a crossdressing man looking for partners who enjoy your kink? There’s a site specifically for crossdressers and anyone who wants to meet up and play. Head over to Date a Crossdresser and create a profile to enjoy crossdresser chat rooms and instant messaging with local CDs.

Fetish Hookups is a particularly good site for crossdressers who are on the kinkier side of the sexual spectrum. You will find a very kink-positive community here, with groups and chat for crossdressers and every other kink and fetish you can think of. If you like a side of BDSM with your crossdressing, even better.

Also note that our pick for best transgender dating site,, is also very popular among crossdressers and their admirers. So if you like the idea of a dedicated crossdresser site like Date a Crossdresser but find there aren’t enough members where you live, be sure to TS Meet.

Trans-Friendly Threesome Dating

This is a bit specific, but I wanted to include this site for couples looking for transgender lovers or trans threesomes in particular. Find a Threesome is the biggest threesome dating site and you’ll find thousands of trans members inside. In fact, it shares it’s massive database with, so you know you’re going to find plenty of local potential partners.

This is another threesome dating site that is open to transgender people. So you can join as a couple looking for trans women, or any other combination you might be seeking. 3some Dating has a bit more of a social media vibe than Find a Threesome, and has a lot less members overall. It’s not my first trans threesome site pick, but I do think it’s a great choice in particular for those living in the UK, as that is where the site began and has the most popularity.

Free Trans Dating Sites

I’ve spent a good amount of time researching all the options for transgender dating over the years. I know many men and trans women are out there looking for free trans dating sites, so I’ve always kept an eye out for a free site that might work for these people.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any sites specific to trans dating that offer a completely free membership. However, there are a few mainstream dating sites that do allow trans profiles. To read more about free transgender dating and your options, see my detailed article: Free Transgender Dating Sites: Too Good to be True?

How I Choose the Best TS Dating Sites

When it comes to making these lists of transgender dating sites, I am very picky about which sites I’ll even consider recommending to our readers. I start with the checklist below to determine which sites make the grade.

  1. A large pool of transgender members.
    It’s no use sending people off to a site with a very limited population. While there may be a some smaller trans sites out there with good intentions and fancy features, I can only feature those that have a large dating pool, in major cities at the very least.
  2. No spam, no fake profiles, no no no.
    Sites as large as TS Meet will always have frauds joining and trying to take advantage of people. That’s hard to avoid, but to be considered the best a site must actively delete these profiles and respond to user complaints. And of course, no selling of personal data, no spammy emails, and no tricks like messages from bots.
  3. Fair pricing.
    Pay to play is generally the name of the game with transgender dating sites. This is usually fine as it helps to weed out non-serious admirers and more importantly provides some level of privacy for those who play inside. But I do look at membership structures and lean towards those that offer everything for a monthly subscription, rather than sites sell credits for every action. I find that too limiting to user interaction, and ultimately more expensive.
  4. Mobile-friendly and feature-rich.
    Believe it or not, there are still dating sites operating today that don’t have a mobile version. I don’t know how they keep it going! The best trans dating sites don’t have apps due to their nudity, but things have to work on a mobile phone.
  5. An open-minded, accepting community.
    It goes without saying that a great transgender dating site is going to be kink and sex positive, accepting all genders and sexual orientations. A quality transgender community is also going to be one that provides exploration and acceptance, safety and even celebration. An extra bonus is that some are also cool with naked bodies.

How to Avoid Scams on Trans Dating Sites

  1. Be wary of escorts posing as your next TS girlfriend.
    A lot of transexual escorts hang out on trans dating sites as a way to advertise their services. Some men may be fine with this, but others are understandably looking for legitimate dates and hookups that don’t require payment. Just something to be aware of.
  2. Don’t fall for her sob story, do not send money!
    You haven’t even met up, but already your potential trans hookup is asking for help with her rent and medical transition bills. The stories that these tricksters use to lure men into sending them money can be very elaborate and believable. Don’t fall for it.
  3. Deny requests to chat on another site.
    Another popular tactic used by those looking to make money from tranny chasers is to flirt away and then ask that the conversation be taken to another platform. This is usually a way for transexual cam models to bring more guys to their pay-to-watch webcams. If it’s a real hookup you seek, you should be able to flirt solely at the dating site until ultimately trading phone numbers or email.

That’s it! Thanks for reading my list of the best transgender dating sites and the fine print about how my make my selection. If you’d like to share you experience on any of these sites or ask any questions, let’s chat in the comments.

Best of Luck and Enjoy! xo Lola

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