How to Meet Transgender People

Are you eager and excited to meet trans people but don’t know where to start?

How to Find Trans People Near You

Here are some ideas on how to meet transgender people for dating, hookups, and friendship.

Become an Advocate for Trans People

What better way to engage and show your good intentions than truly supporting the trans people you want to meet. Be the best person you can be!

Join a local group that helps forward the rights of transgender people, volunteer to help at an event, attend a support rally, offer your services to an outreach program, or get involved in the community as an advocate in any way that suits your interests and what you have to offer.

But please, do this out of good intentions rather a sneaky way to insert yourself into the trans community. If you are open in your life about dating and befriending transgender people, show your support. Be a true advocate and not simply a tranny-chaser on the make.

Hang Out in the Gaybourhood or other Safe Spaces

While trans visibility and acceptance have definitely improved in recent years, the fact still remains that some places are going to be better meeting spots for trans people than others.

So head to your city’s neighbourhood that’s most popular with the LGBT crowd. If you live in a small town it could be just a handful of coffee shops, a bar, or even some stores. In larger places like where I live, there are multiple areas within the city that cater to these communities.

You don’t have to be a lurker. Just stop in somewhere for a coffee, bring a book or a friend to lunch, or simply go for a walk. Play the long game; become comfortable and familiar, find somewhere you could imagine yourself being a “regular”, make new friends and see what happens.

Find Transgender Dates Online

Don’t have time or  don’t want the visibility involved with advocacy? Not ready to stroll into your city’s LGBTQ hot spots? Have a burning desire to make a transgender date but still on the down low about your trans attraction?

No worries. No problem. You are far from the only one who still isn’t ready to come out of your trans-loving closet. What you need is a quick and easy way to meet local trans women and this is where online dating comes into the picture. Get ready for an eye-full and largest database of transwomen seeking men, at transgender dating site, or another site on our list of transgender sites.

Even if you’re not keeping this as your dirty little secret, trans hookup sites really are a great way to meet a whole bunch of transgender people and their admirers all at once. Just be sure to fill our your profile fully and be upfront about your expectations and desires. Honesty and respect is just as important online as it is in person, whether you’re searching anonymously or not.

Enjoy some Transgender Nightlife

Are you one who likes to head out after dark? Do you prefer to flirt over cocktails rather than strike up conversation at the local LGBT bookstore? Liquid courage and low lighting have marked the beginning of many a transgender romance. Head out on the town for some local drag shows, or put on your dancing shoes and try a bar or club where trans and queer folks frequent. Look at the listings in the weekly alternative paper,

And remember, at the end of the day you’re just another guy looking to meet a woman. Everyday stuff. I say this because a “trans woman” IS a woman, so you might not have to even be so targeted in your approach.

Be yourself, be open to making friends and conversation, and you may end up meeting a great transgender friend or lover somewhere you didn’t expect.

All the best! xo Lola.

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