Do’s and Don’ts of Sexting with Trans Women

Texting is the way most people communicate now regardless of if it’s with a lover or not. I’m still a fan of the old-fashioned love letter, but trying to convince men to put pen to paper isn’t easy. So let’s stick to texting, or what I like to call sexting or sexy texts. If you’ve just met a trans lady online, you probably don’t have her phone number yet, but when you do, this can be a beautiful way to keep the fires burning in between dates or hookups, whatever you’re relationship may be. And for long-distance arrangements, sexts are a godsend.

You may already think of yourself as the Don Juan of dirty flirts, but I think there’s always room for improvement all areas of dating and relationships, and it never hurts to hear from a woman’s point of view. Sometimes what you think might be hot can turn a woman cold and running, before you have a chance to explain.

The good news about sexting (and it doesn’t have to be about sex, just sexy) is that you don’t have to be the smoothest cat when it comes to in-person flirting because you won’t have the same anxiety. And if you have any writing skills, they’ll definitely come in handy. Sexting  is a great way to build excitement in a new relationship or to add a little spice to one that feels stale.

Do’s and Don’ts of Sexting with Trans Women


1. …start slow. Women appreciate the same kind of foreplay that applies to sex. Ask her what she’s wearing before you tell her what you’re going to do when you see her.

2. …use appropriate language. She may be pre-op, but she considers herself a lady, so treat her like one. Any crude references, and you’re number will be blocked forever, not to mention your cock.

3. …tell her how she makes you feel. Women love to know the effect they have on men. It’s okay to tell her you can’t help but to masturbate when you think of her.


1. …send a cock pic. It’s the same rule for online dating profiles; women don’t want to see that on their phones, at least 99% of us don’t. If she asks to see the merchandise, by all means; but it’s also a privacy issue you should think twice about.

2. …cut and paste something you read online. Try to be original and specific to your gal, like asking if she’s wearing those hot panties she had on last time you saw her. Be natural and creative.

3. …be too sexually overt. The hot factor of sexting is the tease element, so dance around the subject of sex to build anticipation. That said, don’t ever claim to do what you can’t back up.

Guys: Any sexting tips you can share with our readers. We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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