Tips for Writing Online Dating Profiles

Profiles matter. It determines whether you will get a first message from a lovely t-girl. And if you’ve sent a message to a trans woman and she likes it, you’ll have to have the profile to back it up. You want to stand apart from the thousands of other men looking for love, a hookup, or something in between. Here’s some tips to help you do just that.

Be Real
It’s tempting to stretch the truth in a favorable way – a photo or age entry that is a few years younger, a slightly higher salary, or changing your info to be similar to a trans lady you’ve got your eye on. This might attract more interest initially, but it will fall apart quicker than you think, probably before you get through the first date. Don’t be afraid to state in your profile exactly what you’re looking for – it’s the first step in finding it! Be honest, after all, you want someone to want you, not someone they think you are.

Consult Friends
Did you write your profile and post it before checking in with people who really know you? Get a close friend to sit down with you and help point out some of your great qualities. A female friend will have the best perspective. Be confident enough to share what others like about your personality. Express what makes you different, your quirks and eccentricities. And if grammar and spelling aren’t your thing, have someone proofread. (I’m one of those women who gets turned off by poor writing.)

Show, Don’t Tell
Let your personality shine through with descriptive language. I’m bored of reading “I have a good sense of humour”. I want to notice this in your list of likes or description or maybe a photo (a goofy photo of you and your dog) Be specific. Instead of saying you like Mad Men, tell me why.

Be Passionate
Not in that cheeseball romcom way, but by letting a woman know you have passions, be it food, travelling, toy collecting or something else. Again, don’ t be shy about sharing your idiosyncrasies. Finding a man with unique interests (away from the pack) is what a woman is looking for.

And remember: Updating, revising, and refreshing profile photos will attract new potential partners and let regular visitors to the dating site know that you’re serious about meeting someone.

What profile writing tips can you share?

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