5 Sexy Role Plays for Lovers

Engaging in the same-old same-old sex with your trans lady? Time to shake things up. Nothing sends a relationship, new or old, into a tailspin faster than predictable unimaginative sex. Even if you’re not a super kinky guy, these role play examples are easy to act out… but the more you do prepare (the scene, costumes, dialogue), the more pleasure you and your partner will get out of it. Here are five ideas to help get you started.

1. Massage Therapist/Patient
Your client comes ┬áto see you with a list of aches and pains. You ask her where she would like you to start after she undresses and lies on the bed. Ask her how it feels as you get started, moving your hands up and down her body. Things become more intimate as you move along, but your professionalism isn’t questioned. Try this where your trans gal is the therapist.

2. Stylist/Celebrity
Make your t-girl feel like a star by pretending she’s getting ready for a big event (maybe you take her out after this little role play). You’re her stylist and will help her try on (and take off!) several outfits you’ve picked out for her evening. Helping her adjust the clothing means you’ll have to come into close contact.

3. Boss/Employee
Your employee has missed several deadlines and she must be reprimanded. This role play is great for partners who enjoy a little domination/submission play that may include a little spanking. Maybe you need to blackmail your employee into sleeping with you to keep her job. How far will she go? Let your imagination run wild.

4. Landscaper/Client
Your trans client has asked you to check out her backyard garden or balcony for landscaping suggestions. You suggest sitting down on the grass and discuss the possibilities. This is a great role play for those of you who like the feel of sun and wind on your naked bodies or who have a little exhibitionist inside them.

5. Repair Guy/Housewife
I know this is the oldest sexual role play in the book, but I had to throw it in. Have your lady pretend she’s frustrated and in need of a little assistance. When you come to the rescue, ask that she be your assistant in your fix-it repairs and let her needs trump those of the house. Leave her fully satisfied.

TS Lovers: Have a favorite role play? Let us know in the comments.

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