Treat Her Like a Lady

Striking out with the Lady(boy)s? Set your wild desires aside for a moment and focus on treating her like the lady she is. Institute these classic romantic gestures and you might be happily surprised at the results.

As a woman, most of these seem obvious to me. But from what I’ve experienced on my latest batch of internet dates, guys seem to be moving away from such chivalrous acts. While we’re now in a time of more equality between the sexes, I can assure you that a woman still wants to be treated like a woman, especially when on a first or second date. Your transexual date wants to know that you consider her a lady. And she deserves all the respect and little perks that a true gentleman can offer.

Consider What She Likes To Do
When picking out a location or activity for your date, consider what your transexual woman is interested in. Going for a coffee or drink is the standard, but you can put a good impression out there before you even meet by being a bit more creative. If her online profile said she loves Thai food, why not make a reservation at a Thai restaurant? She loves the beach? See if you can find a waterside café. If she likes theatre, how about tickets to a play and drinks afterwards? Choosing an idea from your date’s profile shows that you’re really interested and that you care about making her happy.

Compliment Her
Upon greeting your trans lover-to-be, get the good vibes flowing right away with a sincere compliment. The obvious choice would be to compliment what she’s wearing or how awesome her hair looks, but I think she’ll appreciate something more along the lines of “Wow, you have a gorgeous smile.” It’s nice when a man appreciates a woman’s clothing; but when you compliment something that’s unique to her, it’s even more heart-warming. Most importantly, it has to be genuine!

A Thoughtful Gift
Is this suggestion a little over-the-top? Try it and find out! Bring your TS date a small token gift to show that you’ve been thinking about her and that you’ve been paying attention. Again, comb her profile for clues, or just straight out ask her about the things she likes. It could be some sexy earrings, a decorated change purse, or a new release by her favorite band. Don’t over-do it though; you don’t want to create a scenario where you’re exchanging gifts for her affections.

Hold Doors and Pull Out Chairs
Classic examples of a gentleman with good manners. Get the door for her when entering and leaving places. She’ll notice and appreciate it even more if you do this with car doors. Most men don’t bother to walk around the car to open the passenger door for their date before getting into the car themselves. She will notice and you will be set apart! Same goes for holding out her chair and other social niceties such as taking her coat.

Pick Up the Check
Recently on an episode of How I Met Your Mother, Ted talked about how important it is to him that his date reaches for the check. He doesn’t want her to pay; he just wants her to make the gesture so that he knows she doesn’t take it for granted. It’s a nice little game, isn’t it? People often go dutch on first dates, but a man who insists on paying the bill comes across as someone who can not only take care of himself but his woman as well. Yes, your transexual date is an independent woman who can absolutely take care of herself, but when you pay the check she’ll feel even more like the lady she is.

Again, this may seem very basic, but by following these simple tips you can put yourself ahead of much of the competition. Kindness, compassion, and a little old-fashioned chivalry can go a long way.

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