5 Foreplay Tips for Men Dating Transexuals

Hello lovers of transexuals! Maybe you’ve heard this all before, but it’s true, and women will never tire of reminding men that foreplay is essential to becoming a great lover in order to really satisfy your woman. It’s not that I don’t think men know this, but a few gentle reminders never hurt.

Number one thing I always say when it comes to foreplay is, “Don’t go straight for the cookie jar!” Of course, it’s only natural to want to, and if you’re dating a trans woman, you may be even more tempted to see what’s down there, whether she’s a pre- or post-op gal. But if you want to earn her respect then you need to heed this advice; a trans woman does not want to feel like some circus act; she wants to feel just like any other woman and be treated as such.

5 Tips for Better Foreplay

1. Eye Contact
Yes, this is a form of foreplay! And one of the sexiest ways to connect to a woman. You may think you already do this, but when you become aware of looking deeply into a woman’s eyes when she is talking to you, you’ll notice the difference.

2. Casual Touching
Forget the groping, a gentle touch will make a woman stir more than any squeezing could. This can be a casual  stroke of her arm when you’re engaging in conversation, a high five after a round of bowling, or holding hands as you walk through the park. A woman will respect your restraint.

3. Mirroring
This refers to watching a woman’s body language and responding in kind. This gives her the director’s role of how fast or slow she wants things to go. This will also take the pressure off you in wondering what move to make next.

4. Kissing
Most women love kissing, but a lot of men have forgotten how exciting it was to kiss when they were teenagers. If you haven’t been told before that you’re a great kisser, then there’s probably some practicing still to do. Avoid too much tongue, saliva, open fish-mouth, and pressure.

5. Pause Button
Foreplay, either during a date or in bed before sex, should be subtle and mysterious. A little on followed by a little off. This will build her anticipation and leave her wanting more. It’s always nice to know a man is hot for us, but overly eager can feel disingenuine.

These tips aren’t rocket science, they’re easy things to keep in mind as you woo your woman. And remember foreplay can be used on a first date or in a long-term relationship.

What other foreplay tips can you share?

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