4 Online Dating Tips for Transexual Lovers

Finding the right TS dating site is half the battle. Once you’ve done that, how do you go from profile browsing to an actual date?

Read my tips for getting in on the easiest way to meet local trans women, and how to make your foray into online dating as successful as possible…

1. Join a legitimate TS dating site with lots of members.

First things first. You need to find a great site and avoid those with fake members and scams galore. You also need one that has a really big member base so you don’t find yourself trying to hook up with the only two transgenders online. Luckily, I have some ideas for you. TSmeet.com is the biggest and definitely a good place to start. You can read through the TS dating reviews for alternatives, and also check out my post: Top Sites To Meet Transexuals Online in 2015.

2. Take time to put your best self forward.

A little work goes a long way. Even on the best transexual dating sites, the trans women are outnumbered by the men who are eager to meet them. This means you’ve got competition! Take advantage of every edge you can get: upload decent pictures, fill out your profile with unique details, and let the ladies know that you’re a catch not to be missed. A really great profile will have them sending messages to you! For more help on this check out Writing a Better TS Dating Profile.

3. Apply a personal touch to your communications.

If you want to play the numbers game and contact loads of transexual babes then go ahead, but please avoid the urge to craft what you think is the perfect cut-and-paste message. Actually READ each profile and then send a playful, not-creepy message that touches on one of her interests or other details. This alone will put you ahead of the rest and is much more likely to receive a response. For more advice on crafting a killer online dating message read 5 Tips For Writing a Message That Gets The Reply and avoid these 7 Types of First Messages that Turn Trans Women Off.

4. Take her from online flirting to real-life dating and hookups.

If you find that your messaging rarely amounts to actual face-time, you may want to consider your strategy for moving from messaging to making dates. Timing is important as you don’t want to push a meet-up before she’s comfortable, and you certainly don’t want to wait so long that your opportunity fades away. Each case will be different, but the worst thing is to suggest a hookup before there’s been any back-and-forth conversation. She wants to know that you think SHE’s special, and she wants to feel both excited and safe about meeting with you. Don’t ask before you think this might be happening.

Aside from timing, a good bet is to suggest a date specific to her interests. For instance, if she’s a music lover you might suggest a live show or a concert in the park. This will make you stand out even further as most guys just suggest coffee or drinks. This approach also shows a bit of a romantic side and could be just the thing to woo that lovely TS woman.

Have any tips to share? Questions? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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