3 Transexual Dating Site Scams To Avoid

Dating scam alert! Don’t get fooled by these tricks on transexual hookup sites…

You’re probably here at ILoveTS.com because you love transexuals (as the name implies), and maybe you’re looking to actually meet a local TS for dating, a hookup, or an ongoing relationship. While TS dating sites make a lot of promises about how easy it is to meet someone, the truth is the online dating landscape is littered with land mines! While it’s entirely possible to find someone, especially at more reputable sites like TSmeet.com, a little bit of insider know-how on scams to watch out for can make this a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Awhile back I wrote a post entitled Avoid Scammers on TS Dating Sites that contains a lot of good information for avoiding pitfalls on any kind of personals site. You should definitely read that one as well, but here I’m going to lay out the top three scams that are more specific to transexual hookup sites. If you DO encounter any of the following, don’t let it ruin your experience or turn you off of online dating. Just click onto the next profile! There are many genuine transwomen looking for love and excitement online.

Beware Of Escorts Posing As Your Next TS Girlfriend
This is most rampant on the free trans dating sites. Indeed some of those free sites are basically just escort directories that sort of look like a dating site. If you’re cool with hooking up with an escort that’s cool and I’m not here to judge. But if you’re looking for a transwoman to go on actual dates with or find an ongoing relationship that you don’t have to pay for, then be wary of the members who are posing as something they’re not. Even on the paid sites there will be women simply pretending they want to be your girlfriend but those sites are better at removing such profiles. Go in with your eyes open.

Asking You For Money? You’re Not That Gullible!
Once you’ve taken care of your monthly subscription fee, you don’t need to send money to anyone, for anything. These types of money scams can occur on any hookup site but there’s a good reason that you may encounter them more on a TS dating site. A lot of these members may be in the process of transitioning which means they may have a lot of expenses such as hormone therapy and/or surgeries, in addition to the other things that all women spend a lot of money on such as clothing and makeup. I’m not implying that everyone is going to be hitting you up for cash, BUT if someone asks you for money so that they can fly to where you are, take time off work to see you, or some other kind of sob story, just say NO. I guarantee you – the woman who asks you for money on a dating site before you’ve ever met… you are NEVER going to see her in person.

She Wants To Talk… On Another Site
The final scam I’m going to tell you about is the dating-profile-as-traffic-funnel! What the hell is that? Pretty simple. You’ve probably seen these Shemale Cam sites, right? Well, sometimes one of the models, or someone just promoting the cam site, will create a profile on a dating site. They do this so that when a guy sends them a message because he’s interested, she can say something like, “hey, why not come watch me on my cam at suchandsuch.com?”, or “I’d love to chat some more but we have to do it at this other site…”. I’m sure they have more convincing lines than that, but you get the point. If someone is using their dating profile as a means to have you sign up somewhere else then the outcome is the exact same as above – you’re spending money you don’t need to AND you will never actually meet them in person, no matter what they say to the contrary.

Got all that? Now, don’t let what I’ve written above stop you from pursuing your desire to try a TS dating site! Remember that these types of scammers are a small exception to all the real, available women you are going to meet. Stay safe and have fun!

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