How to Combat First Date Nerves

So you’re about to meet the TS girl of your dreams, but you’re feeling tense about your first date. Maybe you’ve only had a bit of email correspondence or texted briefly, and you’re not sure if you’ll find each other attractive. Will she be serious or more easy-going? Are you her type? What should you do on a first date? What are you going to even say?

To help ease your fears and sometimes monumental state of anxiety that can cloud your confidence, employ one or all of these tips to help make the date with your TS girl run a bit more smoothly.

Talk First

When meeting ts women online, I always like to have a phone date first. This helps break the ice and familiarize yourself with your potential first date. Talking on the phone can help in a couple of ways. The first, and perhaps, most intoxicating: her voice. Sometimes we’re able to feel an immediate chemistry or connection based on the cadence and tone of someone’s voice. If she’s drawn you in, you’re now likely feeling more comfortable with curiosity piqued, and can ask more about herself. Is she playful? What does she like? What’s her favorite restaurant? Now that you’re armed with more information about her, you’ll be more inclined to relax and bring her to a great place she’ll love.

Wear Your Favorite Threads

Put on your favourite duds that make you feel the most comfortable. Now, I’m not talking sweats here, but the clothes that bring out the best in you. Something that you know makes you look sharp and feel confident. Now, the design of your outfit for the night will, of course, depend on where you’re going to meet your t-girl, so choose appropriately. Try those crisp dark, blue jeans that emphasize how cute your ass looks. That designer button-down shirt that makes your shoulders look broad. Or that nice leather jacket that gives you that rough n’ tumble look. You’ll be feeling great, and your date will be impressed as soon as she lays eyes on you.

Hit the Gym

The experience here is several-fold. Listening to your favorite music will not only boost your mood but will ensure you get in a great workout. And this great workout will make your endorphins skyrocket. Post workout, be sure to take some time in the sauna and cold room, and let your body relax. I guarantee, after you’re cleaned and dressed in your best threads, you’ll be feeling confident; mentally and physically charged. Your new TS girl will likely notice your energy right off the bat.

Give a Shout to your Mate

You know the one that cracks you up every time you talk? Give them a shout just before your date. Get in a good laugh, because you know they’ll make you smile. Laughing builds confidence and makes people relaxed. This not only will help your jitters and put you at ease, but it will also help set the mood for your date. You want things to be light-hearted, fun, and dynamic. Bring your smile to the table; she’ll mirror your good mood and the tension will melt.

Have a Drink

This tip can work – if you’re smart about it. I’ve had the fortunate and unfortunate experience of being on both sides of the booze-induced coin, so use this one with caution. ONE drink can help you relax. Don’t gulp down a bunch beverages. You may THINK you feel good, but that’s not really you. You’re in a false altered state and you may regret it. To start, keep it to one for you and your date to break bread together. Make sure to pace yourself, and keep on par with your partner. You can also make it a conversation piece – maybe you’re going to bar that specializes in local craft beers or mixology. Some establishments have a sample menu you can try together. Now make an order to share – a charcouterie or cheese plate that compliments your drinks. Now that you’ve set the scene, enjoy and ease into your conversation.

I’d love to hear about your experience. What do you like to do to calm your nerves before your first date?

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