Tips to Get Laid on Your First TS Date

Way back when, sex on a first date was a major score because it was very rare. Now that we live in a hookup culture with the advantage of online dating, it’s not such a stretch. And with niche dating sites, you can meet the trans women you find so alluring.

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There’s no guarantee of sex on a first date unless you’ve actually paid for a service, but there are some approaches that will help steer the evening in that direction.

Tips to Get Laid on a First Date

Be honest about what you’re looking for. This goes back to before you’ve even met. When you create your online dating profile, don’t be shy if casual sex is all you’re looking for. It’s not unusual, and you won’t have to feel awkward about telling a woman you aren’t into a serious relationship. You’ll also attract women who are also looking for hookups or an ongoing casual arrangement.

Plan a physical date. I’m not talking about an erotic massage, just something that engages your bodies and gets your heart rates going. These are so much more fun than an interview-like coffee date. Indoor rock climbing, yoga and bowling are just a few ideas. A man with a plan is sexy and attractive!

Go in without expectations. If all you have is sex on the brain, you aren’t going to be present and that can be detected a mile away. It’s okay to be feel hot for your trans date, but she also wants you to see the whole of her. Ask questions that are engaging and really listen to what she has to say.

Be a gentleman. Chivalry is not dead, guys, so please treat her like a lady. If you want to make a good first impression then do things like plan the date, open doors, compliment her and pay for any expenses. These simple moves go a long way… when it comes to the possibility of sex on a first date.

Make her feel safe. You might be wondering what this has to do with getting laid, so let me explain. Having sex with someone new is risky for all women, and it’s not going to happen unless we feel safe and comfortable. For some women this may take a long time, for others, it may just take one date. A lot ladies rely on their intuition.

Sex on a first date can be great, but if it doesn’t happen, all is not lost. Just worry about landing a second date… or not, and moving on.

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