How a Man Can Get a Second Date

One of the hardest things about online dating is getting that first date, so it’s always a shame when it’s not only the first, but also the last. There are plenty of obvious first date mistakes that are to be avoided, but it’s the little things, the good things, that will earn you a second date. If you can remember these five tips, then you will up your chances greatly when you ask to see her again.

1. Be a Gentleman
Chivalry is not dead, but it is dying, so if you go out of your way to charm a woman, you will stand out. Behaviour that impresses includes arriving on time, holding doors open, taking her coat, and picking up the tab.

2. Focus on Her
Yes, there are two of you on the date, but a woman likes to be fawned over, even by a first date. You can do this by asking lots of questions, being a good listener, and picking up on her cues. Be flexible to her needs.

3. Remain a Mystery
A lot of people reveal too much about themselves, and it can be overwhelming to someone new. Answer questions honestly but keep the heavy stuff to yourself, and never ever talk about an ex on a first date.

4. Exude Confidence
If you don’t think you’re worth it, she won’t either. We all have insecurities, but it’s best to keep them to yourself on a first date. If she sees your strengths first, your faults and foibles will be easier to accept later.

5. Keep it Light
The coffee shop first date is not only boring, but also anxiety inducing. No one wants to feel like their meeting someone for an interview. Start off on the right foot by planning a fun date that involves a unique environment or physical activity.

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