7 Safety Tips for Meeting Your TS Date

You’ve met a local transwoman online and have agreed to meet in person. What are some things to remember when planning your date to ensure a safe and fun experience?

1. Be honest with your date before meeting.

What I’m talking about here are expectations. You may want to present a pretty picture in order to get that first date, but you’d be surprised at the potential backlash that can happen when people feel lied to or made a fool of. Use recent pictures, don’t lie about your age, and be honest about your intentions, even if you’re only planning a casual encounter.

2. Consider a phone call before making the date.

Although it can’t fully ensure you’re going to be meeting the transwoman you’re looking at in the profile pictures, a phone call can help you get a better idea of who this person is. You may even find that the phone call help you determine if you even want to meet up with her in the first place. However, at this point you might consider using a blocked number or some other service that hides your phone number.

3. Let someone know where you’ll be.

I understand that many men are still discreet about their attraction to TS women, (see our poll on how open our readers are about this). If this is your dirty little secret you may not want anyone knowing what you’re up, and if you are going to meet her somewhere new that is out of your comfort zone, it may pay to let a friend know WHERE you’ll be. At the very least, let a friend ¬†know you may be giving them a call if something goes wrong.

4. Don’t leave your drink or food alone.

If you think only women have to be wary of roofies and GHB, think again. It’s horrible to imagine, but if an unscrupulous woman wants to get in your pants badly enough this can’t be ruled out. Although a man can rarely be overpowered, these drugs can turn you into a confused pussy cat. Also, ¬†avoid theft by not leaving your personal belongings unattended.

5. Don’t give out personal information.

Letting her know what area you live in is one thing, but your address should remain confidential unless you begin dating regularly. Likewise, don’t divulge your place of work or other places that you frequent. This can all come out later, but at this early stage it’s important to retain some privacy. If your date turns into an all-nighter you’re best to opt for a neutral space such as a hotel.

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6. Easy on the alcohol.

I know a first date can be a nerve-wracking experience and many of us turn to alcohol to help relieve the tension. Just be sure not to go past a predetermined limit so that you can keep your wits about you.

7. Have your own ride or a plan to get home.

Driving yourself is always a good idea, so long as you aren’t indulging in those drinks mentioned above. Cabs and public transit can be good options as well, if you have the number for the taxi company or know the transit schedule. Don’t get yourself stuck in a situation or place that is hard to back out of.

Any other tips or TS dating experiences to share? Let’s discuss in the comments below…

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