8 Flirty Texts to Send Transwomen

Texting has become a big part of our communication, even in intimate relationships. To some this may seem cold and impersonal, but it doesn’t have to be with a little thought and creativity. Becoming comfortable with sending sexts or flirty messages is essential for people who enjoy casual dating or are looking for a serious relationship.

Between meeting a ts woman on a dating site and meeting her in person, there is often a texting period that can help you gauge how interested a woman is by her responses. Texts are also great for long-distance relationships, helping to keep the fires burning between encounters, and a hot way to build anticipation before hookups with casual partners. Also, you don’t have to be a Don Juan or the best writer to text a turn on.

I can’t guarantee success with all of the following flirty text suggestions, but they are good starting points. Before you send anything, read my post: Do’s and Don’ts of Sexting with Trans Women for more pointers, especially if you’re new to this type of flirtation.

Flirty Texts to Send Women

1. What are you wearing? – This is the standard one, but still works. It’s fun and women who like to play will use their imagination, no matter what they’re really wearing.

2. When I see you, I’m going to… – Of course, this is for those already dating (or maybe not!) It’s a prelude to the real foreplay, and women love a man who is sexually confident  and who has a plan!

3. I want to run my hands all over your beautiful… – All women enjoy men who really appreciate the female form and aren’t afraid to share their admiration.

4. Hi Sugar, Doll, Beautiful, etc… – I really like when a lover starts a text (even generic everyday texts) with a “pet name”. It’s nice to pick up the phone and see this pop up on the screen.

5. I was thinking about you when… – Nothing makes a woman’s heart pitter patter more than knowing a man is thinking about her when they’re not together.

6. I had a dream… – This is taking the last suggestion one step further. If a woman has sunk into your subconscious, be sure to tell her all the details!

7. I’ve planned our next date… – Passive men get passed up. Women want a take-charge kind of guy who makes plans and follows through.

8. Animal photos – women, especially pet owners will love cute furry animal photos of your pets or just those you see in nature.

Do you have any sexting tips or suggestions you can share?

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