How to Find Transsexual Hookups

The most popular way to find yourself a transsexual isn’t very different than how you would go about finding a non-transsexual hookup, though given the fact that T-girls are a small minority of the population and the stupid, though thankfully lessening stigma society still attaches to the transgender community, it often requires a little searching and sometimes discretion.

Transsexual Hookups: Where to Find Yours

Transsexual Hookup Sites

The first place to go is online, with a variety of transgender dating sites available catering to every taste and type. Whether you’re looking for a thin little girlieboy, a Trans-BBW, a long-term relationship, or a NSA hookup there’s a dating site that will have what you’re looking for.

We have reviewed almost all of the major TS/TV/TG dating sites for you here at I Love TS, so be sure to take a look at our list of the best trans dating sites to get the details of which sites will likely suit you best. If you just want to go ahead and visit our number one pick, it’s

You may also be interested in our our article: How to Find Transgender Hookups: Trans Dating Sites.

Find Transsexuals in Bars and Clubs

If you live in a major metropolitan area there are likely a number of bars and clubs that carter to the transgendered and their admirers, and even in smaller markets where there might not be T-girl specific venues, gay bars provide the transgendered a safe harbor where they can go without fear of being judged or facing violence.

If you go to a gay bar, be advised that cross-dressers and drag queens are not exactly the same thing as being truly transgendered, so try to honestly communicate what it is you’re looking for and what you want to do, lest you take home a lady with an agenda that significantly differs from yours.  It’s much better to find out what the score is after you’ve bought one drink rather than spending an entire evening in pursuit of a girl who might want to do something with you that you’re uncomfortable with.

Enter the Trans Community

Finally, you might try searching for support groups for the transgendered, though for obvious reasons you don’t want to go charging into a group therapy session looking for a quickie However, you can contact the group and ask for local assistance on times and places where your local trans community congregates.

You can become an advocate for the trans community and support the women you love. See 4 Ways To Meet Transgender Women.

Final Advice for TS Hookup Seekers

Perhaps the most important advice we can give you in trying to meet and land the transsexual girl of your dreams is this: Treat them like ladies, with all the respect and tenderness you would want accorded to your mother or sister.

While they might be sporting ‘Y’ chromosomes, no one appreciates a door held open or other chivalrous actions more than a transsexual girl, as it stands in marked contrast to the unintelligent and bigoted treatment that they sometimes suffer because of their orientation.

Treat them right and you’ll be “in like Flynn.”

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