Are You Ready for Your First Hookup with a Trans Woman?

Do you enjoy watching trans porn? Are you thinking of joining a trans dating site? Do you know a trans woman you’d like to ask out? These are all steps that may lead you to your first ts hookup.

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But hold up now… here are a few things you’ll want to consider before making your dream a reality.

5 Tips for Your First TS Hookup

1. Don’t fetishize a trans woman. Sadly this is what happens in much of trans porn, but like all porn—even mainstream—real life hookups are not what you see and jerk off to on your computer. It may turn you on that a woman still has a penis, but don’t let that be your focus. Treat her like the lady she is.

2. Be prepared to ask her home. Some women prefer to have a man come back to their place for hookups, but don’t assume this is going to happen. Get your pad hookup-ready. This means tidying up, a clean bathroom and sheets, some snack and drinks to offer, sexy lighting and music, and free of roommates (if possible).

3. Plan a unique date. Please oh please, do not do the coffee-shop first date if you even hope to hook up. It’s boring and is primed for an awkward interview-like encounter. Use your imagination as well as her interests to create a fun and interesting backdrop. Also, physical dates lend themselves to intimate encounters later.

4. Be the man. Your trans date is a woman, and she will want you to be the man, even if she likes a submissive. This means planning the date, showing up on time, being flexible, acting like a gentleman, and picking up the tab (yep, I’m old fashioned!)

5. Flirt with confidence. You can still be a gentleman while getting your sexy on. And yes, if this is your first time on a date with a transgender woman, you will probably be nervous. Do whatever you do leading up to any big gig that shakes your nerves, be it going to the gym, listening to mello music, or calling a friend for a confidence boost. She’s probably doing the same, just so you know.

Can you offer up any other tips for ts hookups?

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