First Date Tips and Ideas for Men Planning Dates

So you’ve met a lovely trans woman online and sent a few back-and-forth messages. Now what? Time to meet in real life – the first date! And no matter how many firsties you go on, they can still make anyone anxious. It’s my belief that men should plan the date. It’s not an old fashioned idea, it’s what women want. Sure, we could come up with  a zillion ideas, but it really impresses us when you come up with one good idea. And the key is to just run with it, even surprise her unless she needs details for such things as what to wear or bring.

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To come up with a good ideas, I recommend starting with her profile. You may love cycling, but maybe nature walks are more her thing. Maybe your t-girl is a foodie, and there’s a taste-testing event in town. If you curtail your date to her interests, it’s automatic brownie points before the date even starts! Of course, there are women with a take-charge personality, so if she’s suggested something through messaging and seems excited, go with it. But if not…

Suggestions for a first date

Bowling – this is my new favorite first date and because it’s on my profile, a couple of men have suggested it. A little competitive fun is always an icebreaker.

Hiking – it’s casual and a great date for those on a budget. If you’ve got trails or mountains nearby, you’ll find lots to look at that will keep the conversation moving along and not feel like a job interview.

Museum Tour – it takes the pressure off you and your date to do all the talking, and if you feel a spark, you can grab a bite afterwards in order to get to know each other better.

Picnic – most women find picnics romantic, but it’s casual enough that it won’t be awkward on a first date. Pack a few nibbles, a bottle of wine, and a blanket, and you’re good to go.

Horse Track – there’s a lot of surrounding adrenaline at the track to get both of you fired up. You can bet $2 but it will feel like you’ve got your life on the line! So fun… and women love animals.

I don’t know about most women, but I’m just sick of the first date coffee shop suggestion, so try to avoid that one. Be creative, and remember to comb her profile for ideas.

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Have fun!

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