Flirting Tips for Trans Dating

Hello trans admirers. Have you been successful in meeting a t-girl or are you still searching for that special someone on a dating site. Wherever you are in your quest for the right relationship, being a good flirt helps.

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Most men I know think flirting is something only women do, or they complain they just don’t know how to. It’s more than putting a little wiggle in your walk or twirling your hair… those are just over-the-top stereotypes. Flirting is an art and subtlety is king. Let me share a few tips.

Flirting Tips for Your First Trans Date

Compliment. It’s okay to tell a woman she looks good without feeling like you’re objectifying her. Women usually put effort into how they look for a date, especially if it’s their first time meeting you in person, so it’s nice to have that acknowledged.

Act Chivalrous. Being a gentleman is important. A trans woman wants to be treated like a lady, so it’s okay to open the door, pick her up, and make plans. Call me old fashioned, but I also think a man should pick up the tab on a first date.

Ask Questions. This is a big one, guys. If you don’t seem interested in her as a unique individual  on the first date, it may be your last. Make it your mission to get to know more about who she is with questions that cover a wide range of subjects, and enquire more about things she is passionate talking about.

Listen Attentively. You may be sitting across from a woman and daydreaming about having sex with her, and that’s okay, as long as you’re able to multi-task and really hear what she’s saying. A listener is able to remember the little things and build on them in conversation.

Have a Fun Attitude. Sense of humor is on the top of many women’s wish lists of most attractive qualities a man can possess. Dirty jokes and punny comments won’t cut it though, you need to just be yourself and have a fun attitude. Good chemistry includes having a shared sense of humor.

Make Contact. You’ll be able to tell if she’s interested if she makes any physical gestures towards you like touching your knee, poking your shoulder or patting your back during a date. Mirror her level of contact, and if the date ends well, always lean in for a kiss.

Remember: flirting isn’t just about getting into a woman’s pants. It’s about making a woman feel comfortable and curious about getting to know you better… which often leads to some good loving!

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