6 First Date Deal Breakers

If you do a lot of online dating, you may find yourself going on a lot of first dates. There may not be a second date because there was no chemistry, or you may be wondering What went wrong? There are many first date peeves that most women share that you’re unaware of. Check out these deal breakers that can ruin your chances of seeing a lovely trans woman again.

1. Showing up late. This is a thorn in many a side. If you are worried for time, be sure to leave early. Better early than late. Tardiness tells a woman that your time is more important than hers… a horrible way to get the date started.

2. No backup plan. Women like men to plan a creative date (please, no more coffee shops!) based on her interests. So that said, if you’ve planned a walk in the park, and it rains, have a secondary plan to suggest. Or if you’re somewhere that’s too crowded or uncomfortable, it’s nice to have a backup.

3. Buddy behaviour. All women want to be treated like a lady on the date, otherwise what’s the point. Chivalry is not dead. Open the door, walk on the outside of the sidewalk, and give her your jacket if she’s cold. You get the picture.

4. Phone distraction. Most of us are overly attached to our phone, it’s true. But when you’re on a date you’ll want to follow cell phone etiquette. You can always check to see what you’ve missed while you’re in the bathroom or when your date goes.

5. No questions. The best way to show a woman you are interested is to ask her questions… about her work, her family, her passions, her pets. Again, use her dating profile (if you met online) information for openings.

6. Not picking up the tab. This may seem old fashioned to some, but it’s just another part of being gentlemanly. Go dutch or let her pay on the second date. If you can’t afford a whole lot, plan an inexpensive yet fun date like flying kites in the park or attending a free outdoor concert.

What do you think ladies, did I miss any first-date deal breakers?

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