Where to Find Your Sexy TS Valentine

Winter can be lonely, with the early darkness and freezing temperatures keeping us housebound. Almost a kick in the face for single people who endured the holidays alone!

If all you want for Valentine’s Day is a valentine, you’re not alone.

Discover beautiful trans women now at TSmeet.com!

My friend Thomas is an admirer of transgender women. This past summer he broke off a four-year relationship with a transexual lady he describes as “beautiful and mean.” He’s hoping to have someone to share a box of chocolates with soon.

No one needs to stay home alone this Valentine’s Day. If you want a trans date this year, try these suggestions.

1. Meet trans women on dating sites.

It might seem like everyone is dating online, but I’m still shocked by how many people aren’t making use of the tremendous resource of the Internet!

There’s an entire world of trans people looking on TSmeet.com, that you can often find hundreds looking for your type nearby or vice versa, especially if you live in or near a big city.

You don’t have to leave the house to chat with lots of women looking for dates, so even if you are shy or immobile or don’t have a lot of money to waste on the wrong dates, you can have a lot of fun meeting people.

You don’t have to worry about whether someone will fit with your tastes in the same way you do when you go out. The chance of a hot girl you meet at a bar tonight being transgender, Hindu, blonde, petite, a nondrinker, and into bowling and BDSM is pretty limited.

With online dating, you’ll find many who fit all these requisites, as well as meeting other interesting people who might surprise you with qualities not on your list.

So don’t be shy—log on, start chatting.

2. Ask an ex-girlfriend or a friend out this year.

Sometimes the ex is dangerous territory, but many of us have exes who we still love and get along with perfectly, or we have an ongoing casual relationship with. Pair up for Valentine’s this year so neither of you are alone.

3. Ask around.

There are transgender women everywhere there are any other women. But they are fewer in number, and they don’t always wear a sign on their forehead that says “trans.” In some communities, the few transgender gals are reticent about showing up at a raucous rock ‘n’ roll bar or a hockey game hoping to meet men because they may feel unsafe.

This makes it challenging for both of you to find each other.

So ask around. Ask trusted friends, family members, and any trans people you know—who know who you date—to let you know about any women who might want to meet you.

Maybe there’s a cool girl in university who works part time at your office and you know she is really open minded.

Letting potential allies know you are one is not desperate, it’s smart for everyone. Remember trans women who date men need to know who is out there looking for them.

Do not just go up to strangers and say, “Hi, I’m horny and hope you have some transgender friends looking for a good time.” That’s creepy and lame. But it benefits everyone to know who is a member of the community within a community.

There are other ways to provide this information to everyone around you, which will hopefully signal the right people and not the wrong ones—buttons, t-shirts, attendance at trans rights events, etc.

Who will be your Valentine this year?

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