TS Friend-with-Benefits Tips

A friendship with benefits can be a beautiful thing, but it doesn’t just happen. Okay, maybe it does sometimes, but for it to keep going, you need to keep a few things in mind… and in check. If you’re not looking to get into a serious relationship with a trans woman, but want something sexual on the regular, I’ll offer a bit of advice. These tips come from my experience with all kinds of casual relationships over the years. I’ve definitely found a way to make the most of this kind of arrangement! 

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Tips for Friends with Benefits

Choose Your Friend Wisely. When you’ve been platonic friends with someone for a long time, you may think she’s the perfect choice because you already get along so well, but… it can also ruin a awesome friendship that took years to build. Sex with friends is very risky, and my advice is stay away and find a new partner online. If the casual sex arrangement doesn’t work… no love lost!

Keep Expectations Low. You’re not looking for a life partner, so your wish list of qualities need not be as long. You want great sex with no strings, and maybe someone you can have fun with while engaging in shared interests. Know exactly what you want before you go after it.

Be Honest. Tell a woman what you want up front. Don’t try to lure a lady by giving her false hope of a serious relationship… your reputation will go down the drain, fast. And you don’t need to worry about your truth not attracting a large number of women. There are plenty of us looking for casual relationships.

Establish Rules. Your definition of casual may be very different from hers. You may want something once a week, while she wants once a month. Perhaps she doesn’t want phone calls after midnight, or she isn’t into the lunchtime quickies you crave. Talking about your booty call rules right away will save you both time.

Check-in Regularly. Even if you and your t-girl start on the same page and feel you both want and can agree to the same rules, things change… because even though it’s not a serious relationship, it’s still a relationship. And yes, sometimes feelings develop. If it’s your feelings that have grown, talk about them right away. Great love sometimes starts from casual connections…

What tips can you offer for a successful friend-with-benefits relationship? Share your suggestions in the the comments!

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