What a Trans Woman Wants on a First Date

First dates are important. It’s your first chance to make an impression that will determine whether you get a second date, or maybe even an invite back to her place! Even in this hookup culture of short flings and one-night stands, women (all women!) want to be wooed a little.

Tips for First Dates with Trans Women

1. Have a plan. Women really like it when a man can be creative with his date planning. The easiest way to get ideas is from her dating profile or previous conversations that reveal some of her interests. Keep in mind that fun should be a priority.

2. Show up on time. Tardiness is taken as valuing your time over someone else’s, and is probably the worst way to start a date. If you are a little late, keep the excuses to a minimum.

3. Flatter her. Women usually put effort into their appearance before a first date, and it’s nice when that is noticed. Once you get to know her, you can compliment her on other things like her abilities.

4. Keep the questions light. As a trans woman, she probably has quite the journey she could tell you about, but that will likely take some time and trust. Ask about her career, family, and pets. These are usually safe topics.

5. Recognize her comfort level. Unfortunately there is still a lot of judgement and misunderstandings around trans people. If you find yourself in an environment that is potentially hostile or just uncomfortable, be ready to take her out of it.

6. Treat her like a lady. As I mentioned, even if you both know you’re just getting together for a hookup, you still should be a gentleman. I’m of the old school and think a man should pay on the first date… and making sure she gets home safe is also important.

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What tips can you add? Please leave your suggestions in the comments!

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