TS Stereotypes and Myths Debunked

Since a young pup, I have worked hard at fighting against and educating those who dish out the often brutal words that stereotype the vast world of marginalized people; notably with ts women.

As time passed, I came to understand that there are stereotypes for all groups of people. Good and bad. Perhaps it would be more correct to say that there are great similarities within different sects and groups of people – without a doubt. However, there’s the side of stereotyping that is demeaning and casts a very negative shadow on trans women that still needs a good dose of debunking.

Here is a list of myths and stereotypes of TS, t-girls, and trans women:

Trans women are cross-dressers or drag queens
This is simply not true. First, these are specific and different categories of people. Cross-dressers are genetically male but like dressing in women’s clothing. Sometimes it’s associated with fetishism. Drag queens are men that dress and act as a caricature of women and doing it for the purpose of entertainment.

All trans women are transexuals
A transexual is a person who does not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth and desires to realign their gender and their sex through medical intervention. Being trans refers to those with identities that cross over or challenge the socially constructed border between the genders. Being a trans woman does not necessarily mean she wants or will resort to any type of medical means.

T-Girls are generally taller than genetic women and have more masculine hands
When seeking a mate, maybe you’re looking out for physical clues. Just because trans women may have male genitalia, that doesn’t mean they have a typical male genetic body. If you’re unsure how to find a trans woman, check out: Where to Meet Transexuals or our list of TS dating sites.

Transexuals just want to trick straight men into sex
The idea is that a transexual’s main purpose is to be dishonest, and whose primary motivation is to seek out heterosexual men and “trick” them into having sex, turn them gay. No. Trans women strive to be passable and have normal, healthy relationships like most people. Her goal is to live a life like any other genetic female, with dignity and acceptance.

All trans women love being called trannies
Not at all. Some may, but this word sprung from the porn industry and is a fetishistic term. It’s like calling all women MILFs.

All TS are prostitutes or porn stars
Since trans people have been extremely marginalized for years, in the past (and unfortunately, still present – forced or otherwise – for some), many had to make a living by working in sex-trade fields such as the porn industry or as sex-workers. Porn isn’t real life – seeing something on the internet doesn’t make it true.

Again, a negative stereotype coming from the sex industry:
Are sexual deviants or promiscuous

Other common misconceptions about trans women you gotta get out of your head:
Are sexual predators or pedophiles

Abuse drugs and alcohol
Have a mental illness

If you think you have other misconceptions about TS women, be sure to do a little homework first. Once you get on top of the politics, start your dating life with a bang!

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