TS Dating Tips For Success: You Get What You Give

Online dating is not a magic solution to finding TS hookups and relationships. As with most things in life, you get out of it what you put in…

You’ve signed up for a TS dating site hoping to meet sexy trans women looking for love or even just a romp in the bedroom. Congratulations on taking the first step! Unfortunately it’s not quite as simple to meet someone as filling out a form, so read on for my tips that will help you hit the online dating jackpot.

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Fill Out Everything As Thoroughly As You Can

This means adding photos, filling out all the profile questions honestly and thoughtfully, and checking the boxes about who you’d like to meet. If you want to really hit a home run then upload a video too, if there’s an option to do so. All of this gives potential mates a better idea about who you are and what you want. It also ensures that the site is more likely to feature you when members are searching and looking around the site.

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Photos Count – Big Time

It’s not enough to root through your hard drive and come up with some blurry photo from 5 years ago. Put your best face forward by using a current flattering shot that shows off your best features. Include a full body shot as well. SMILE in those pictures too, please. And if you don’t have anything that looks good then get a friend to help you take new ones. No bathroom selfies allowed!

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The Key To Success: Your First Message

Now that your profile is complete and you’re already a top prospect because you’ve put some effort into your words and pictures, the real challenge is getting more replies. You may think that sending out the same clever message to hundreds of ladies is the way to go, but these will be sniffed out and deleted quickly. If you like the look of someone, then read their profile in it’s entirety before sending off a message that touches on something specific to them. Be yourself, be genuine, be curious.

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Don’t Get Discouraged

Here’s a little reality check. As a woman on dating site, I get about 10 new messages a day. That’s 70 men contacting me in a week. I only have time for one date per week, and it’s not always going to be with a different person every week. Also, I don’t like to get into conversations with men who message me unless I think I would potentially date them. This means that I’m going to reply to about 1 in 70 messages. I do reply to a few more than that but often to say thanks but no thanks.

My point here is that you shouldn’t take it personally when you don’t get a reply, because for the TS members you are contacting it can simply be a matter of trying to manage the sheer volume of messages. The reality of these numbers should also be further encouragement for crafting a kick-ass profile and message. That effort alone will trump all sorts of guys who may be hotter but just don’t seem to give a shit.

What’s your experience with TS dating sites? I’d love to hear from you in the comments and answer any questions you might have. Let me help you meet your special someone!

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