TS Dating: Red Flags for Men and Trans Women

So you’ve been thinking about taking to the internet to meet someone local for a little fun. While sexy trans dating sites like TSmeet.com make this easier than ever, there are still a few things you should know if you’re new to meeting partners online. Here are some TS dating red flags to watch for, both men who want to meet transwomen and TS ladies seeking men.

Men Seeking Trans Women
Aside from a dating site’s monthly fee, you shouldn’t have to dish out extra money to your date. While the sites do what they can to eliminate escort profiles, some do slip through by only revealing that it’s pay-to-play once you’re chatting. Stick to the trans ladies who are genuinely interested in dating or hooking up with you, without asking for money. Even if they aren’t escorts, some trans members will be looking for help paying for the expenses of transitioning. Perhaps you are fine with this, but it’s definitely something to watch out for in the early stages of communication and profile browsing.

Another red flag to watch out for is any kind of bait-and-switch. Watch out for profile pictures that don’t show a person’s face, or appear to be taken a long time ago. This one actually applies to all online daters, but in a niche like this it can be more common. Also, if you have a particular desire or fantasy you are hoping to play out by meeting a trans lover, don’t assume that all the plumbing will be working, or even present at all. It may not be on the profile but hopefully you can tactfully have a discussion about pre- or post-op when the timing is right.

Trans Women Seeking Men
TS ladies should be aware that many of the guys they will meet at online dating sites will be Tranny Chasers. You likely know this already, but if you’re looking for more of a relationship than merely a hookup then it’s important to keep in mind. You might be able to suss these guys out before you even exchange a message. Red flags would be men who ONLY want to meet trans women and not cis-women, as well as men who show signs of unrealistic expectations regarding your body. Also, guys who want you to be their dirty little secret are definitely a no-no for ladies looking for an accepting, ongoing partnership.

These are some more obvious red flags to look for. Also be prepared for other dating site scams that might come your way by reading 3 Transexual Dating Site Scams To Avoid, and get started on the right foot with 5 Tips for New Online Daters.

Do you have any advice to share with the readers here at ILoveTS? Let’s talk in the comments below.

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