The Truth About TS Dating Sites

If you’ve tried more than one online dating site then you’ve already learned that not all sites are created equal. The quality of both the features and members can vary widely. When you strike out at a TS online dating site, it could just be that you chose the wrong one and would find success elsewhere…

I’m not going to mention any specific sites. (If you want to know which sites I’m talking about we can discuss in the comments.) I just want to talk about WHY so many of these sites suck.

The best TS dating sites started building up a database of members long ago, don’t use any fake profiles, and do enough marketing to have an excellent number of active users who actually want to date. There are very few of these, but the one’s that exist are very worthwhile.

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Other TS sites were built by companies that mainly produce and market porn, as a kind of add-on or up-sell for their porn traffic. But you can’t create a community out of nowhere, so many of these sites contain fake transexual profiles to lure guys into signing up.  You’re obviously not going to do well here… basically just hanging out with a bunch of other guys.

Yet another type would be what appears to be a free TS dating site. Free? Great! Except many of these sites are actually an escort directory. If that’s not what you’re looking for, then beware because it’s not always obvious. They don’t turn away the transexual escorts because they need to fill their database. They make their money from advertising and sometimes even charging the TS escorts to have a listing.

So now, instead of paying that 30 bucks a month to meet transwomen who are looking for dates, you’re paying much more than that for sexual encounters and you still don’t have your TS girlfriend.

My advice is to choose wisely. Read reviews and use the free account option on some of the paid sites. Even though you can’t message without upgrading, you can take a look around and see how many transgender profiles they have near you. Some sites are going to be better in particular countries, some are on an international level. The best thing you can do is check it out for yourself before committing.

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Do you have a favorite TS dating site?  What works for you?

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