Tips for a More Serious Relationship

Are you involved with a friend-with-benefits that you have more serious feelings for? Or maybe you’ve been on a couple dates with a trans woman who you see as long-term relationship potential. Or you’ve been friends with a woman for years, but it’s been only recently that you see her in a different light, a light that has you yearning for sexual intimacy. Whatever your current situation, when you want more from your lady friend, it’s a good idea to take your time because there’s always that chance you may ruin what you already have. Here are a few tips to help you along:

What does her body language say? Is she mildly flirtatious, touchy? Does she prefer to hang out with you than to go on a string of first dates? These are all good signs you have a chance.

Look in the Mirror
Feeling comfortable with someone is what we strive for, but you can go too far when it comes to your appearance. Have you become too comfy? Remember, looking good helps to build confidence, and confidence is attractive.

Put Fun First
Charm and romantic gestures are appreciated, but girls just want to have fun, especially in a new relationship. Be playful and plan activities that she will associate with good feelings after.

Be Her Go-To Guy
Being a reliable friend will make you stand out. When she needs help or a favor, and she knows she can count on you, you’ll be spending a lot more time with her.

Get Physical
Of course, this is where you want to go. But before you become sexual with a t-girl, use subtle contact to stir a woman’s feelings. Hugs, a hand on her back, or playful wrestling are all welcome and will prompt her own thoughts of “something more”.

Listen Attentively
When your friend talks, listen to what’s she’s saying. Sounds simple, right? But a lot of men don’t pick up the fine details that if brought back later in conversation or in actions that will impress and put you at the forefront of her mind

Stay in Touch
I think the man should be the pursuer. Call me old fashioned, but a woman wants a man who is not afraid to go out on a romantic limb, putting his ego on the line. Keep contact going when you’re not physically together, whether it’s through phone calls, texts or emails.

Be Ready when She Is
In your perfect world, your friend soon realizes you’re someone she wants to take a chance with, but she may not pick up on your subtleties or she may never see you as more than a hookup buddy or friend. Be prepared to lay your heart on the line and to accept the possibility that no matter how you feel or what you do, she may never want something more.

Reminder: Be sure of what you want before you proceed. If it’s just a hot hookup you want, go online or check out your local. If there’s someone you already have a casual relationship with that looks promising, proceed with caution.

Any tips you can you offer on developing a current relationship into something more serious?

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