Tips for Finding the Right Match Online

I’ve been online dating for almost four years, and I’m amazed when I think of all the twists and turns I’ve taken, the good dates and the bad, and the uniquely wonderful experiences. It took me a while to get started. I just thought about it for years while I watched the friends around me use it as an avenue to meet people. The negative stories kept me away, but I would say my luck in finding compatible partners online has been quite good. Let me share with you some tips for finding what you’re looking for…

1. Choose the right dating site. There are mainstream sites like OkCupid that are free and there are niche sites like where you pay a membership fee to meet transgender individuals. Take your time browsing sites to check out their features, as well as online reviews before joining. Kick the tires for as long as you need to feel comfortable.

2. Write an amazing profile. I can never stress this tip enough. It’s your calling card and what you will be judged on. You don’t need to be the best looking dude in town, but you do need to have one of the best profiles! Take your time with it, and update it regularly as your interests and goals change. And choose your profile pics wisely.

3. Put effort into writing messages. A “Hey, how’s it going?” first message won’t get a reply. Read a woman’s entire profile before reaching out to her and include some of what you liked about her profile when you contact her.

4. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It’s okay to send a lot of messages out at once. You should, otherwise you may be discouraged by the lack of response. Just be sure not to send out “form messages” but individual ones crafted specifically for each lady.

5. Be patient. Online dating is a bit of a numbers game, so don’t take a lack of responses personal. And you never know what’s going on in someone’s life, so it may take a while to hear back. You’ll kiss some frogs along the way, just be sure to see it as part of the process and learning experience.

I’ve met a few stinkers online, but also lots of great lovers and even friends. With perseverance and positivity by your side, it can and does work.

We’d love to hear readers’ tips in the comments. Please share!

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