The Trans Revolution and TS Dating

You most likely read about the shootings in Orlando. Just when we thought we were entering into a world where people could express any sexuality or gender they chose—bam. Murder. It’s a good reminder that we still have a long way to go toward erasing the medieval attitude some people have towards the sexuality of others.

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In the wake of this, life goes on. I still have trans friends living their lives and trying to express themselves as human beings first. They still have to deal every day with people who mix up pronouns. They still have to deal every day with people who smirk as they walk by and say, “What was that?”

Gay people in general still have to deal with hateful looks, comments, and shade from religious people. Christians still generally believe that gay and trans people are going to hell. The world is still the same place it was, but maybe a bit worse for reminding us how far some people are willing to go.

What can you do, though? Maybe you want to date a trans person, or you just have a fantasy about it. Maybe you’re willing to express your feelings in public and maybe you’re not. When something horrible and bloody happens, a lot of people shrink back. They are less willing to show their vulnerability.

I think the one thing we can all do is call out transphobia and homophobia wherever it happens, whenever it happens. If you hear someone spouting off, then challenge them. Tell them their regressive feelings have no place in the world. Tell them to go back and think about it.

If you have a trans person that you love or want to date, then you can begin by simply treating them as a human being first and foremost. You don’t have to nag them with too many questions, or worry about putting them into some kind of special box. Just take them out for dinner and treat them well. All the details will fall into place if they need to, when they need to.

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I know it sounds simple, but maybe simple is good. Maybe the thing we need to do in the face of extremism is to normalize the things that religious losers think are abnormal. This way the religious people become the marginalized group, as opposed to being the centre and the mainstream.

I’d rather, much much rather, live in a world where gay and trans people are loved and accepted, and religious assholes who think sex is evil are the freaks. Wouldn’t you?

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