Skills that Will Impress a TS Woman

There are many skills that a man can possess that will impress any woman. Remember, a trans woman is just like any cis gender gal looking to meet  someone who will sweep her off her feet.

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You don’t have to have all these qualities but having some will help you stand out, whether that’s at a bar or on a dating site.

Skills to Impress a Woman

Handy. Even a woman who takes pride in her abilities to fix things will love a man who isn’t going to call someone else to put things right. If you’re not sure about something, at least try. Effort goes a long way.

Builder. An offshoot of the handyman is a guy who can build things. It’s a sexy mix of brawn and brains. Whether it’s building a bookshelf, a deck, or a garden trellis… it’s a great way to show off.

Creator. Creative talents are very hot. If you can write, draw, paint, or play a musical instrument, be sure to include these abilities in your online dating profile or on a first date.

Athlete. Do you run marathons, play on a softball league, or travel for rock climbing? Pushing your physical limits tells a lady you care about your health and are up to any challenge.

Cook. There’s no woman who doesn’t love a man with culinary capabilities. And you don’t have to be able to cook a gourmet five-star meal. A simple breakfast in bed after a hot hookup is definitely a way to be remembered.

Listener. This skill is very important to cultivate. When you actively listen to a woman, you show her that you are genuinely interested in who she is as an individual. You will also glean the small details of her life that you can bring back when planning a date or buying a small gift.

Pleaser. Women don’t want a pushover but someone who is definitely keen on making her happy. And yes, this includes sex. Her orgasms and pleasure should be a priority. If you haven’t been praised for your sexual prowess by women, make that your goal.

T-Girls: What skills do you find impressive?

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