Online Profile Tips for TGirls On The Prowl

It can be intimidating to get started dating again after having taken a break for a while, especially if you are also going through the transition from one gender to another and evolving your body to match your identity. We’re here to help you get back on your dating feet quickly and simply.

Describe Yourself – Don’t be shy, put your quirks and personality traits out there. Let your potential dates get a glimpse of the real you. Go for paragraphs and adjectives instead of lists.

Go Easy – Most daters report being happiest when their only expectation is a fun date. “Try to see where things go after the first date,” advises Jane Henderson, a member relationship advisor for Transexual Hookups. “You might be looking for a serious partner, but you will have more fun if you take things one step at a time!”

Be Positive – Everyone gets down sometimes, but keep your profile on the positive side. Talk about the things you enjoy about your current life, and why you are looking for a date. Try to show that person where they could fit into your life by naming hobbies and interests.

Be Modest, but Honest – TS Ladies can be intimidating to men since they are gorgeous and rare. Be honest about your accomplishments in life, but don’t brag too much!

Don’t be Too Specific – So you want a tall blond guy who loves to ski… and who speaks French, knows how to fly a plane, and who will cook pancakes for breakfast… who owns a convertible, works in finance and likes the color purple. Well, we all want a lot of things. Make your demands feasible, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the lovers that come your way.

Pick Good Photos – Choose photos where you are making eye contact with the camera. Use a mix of different photos: some sexy ones, some serious ones, some fun ones with smiles, and some showing the different activities you enjoy doing. Try to choose photos that show off your personality!

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