How to Talk to TS Women on Dating Sites

Do you fantasize about hooking up with trans women, but are not sure how or where to meet them.

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Most men will admit that on some level they struggle with talking to beautiful women. They get tongue tied, say the wrong thing, or sometimes say nothing at all.

Meeting women is difficult, but what has made it easier is online dating. And if t-girls are your thing, you have niche dating sites to help you find what you’re looking for. All you have to do is join a site like to start browsing the profiles of sexy trans ladies.

Now comes the challenge: what to say and how to say it!

If you respect trans women, then you know that they are real women. You don’t need to treat them any different than you do a cis woman who you have been interested in, or in a relationship with.

Send a message only after reading her entire profile. If she sounds like a match, touch on something from her profile that you connected with.

Keep the flirting to a minimum and sexual comments out. If you’re on a dating site, you both know you are there for that. And if it’s a hookup site, then sex is already on the menu. It’s a turn off when a man assumes every girl will be into him.

Share a little about yourself. Have a top-notch profile that will stand out from the pack. And please have a few decent photos of yourself. No photo—no reply.

Add a sprinkling of humor. A funny guy doesn’t have to be the best looking, the smartest, or richest. A sense of humor is at the top of many women’s wish lists when it comes to traits they are looking for. Make her laugh!

Pay attention to details. This is impressive to all women. Mention a book by her favorite author. Share that you make a mean lasagna because she loves pasta. Or ask about the tattoo you see peeking out of her shirtsleeve.

Be clear in your communication. Much like texts, online messages can easily be misinterpreted. If you’re teasing or flirting, emoticons can work to clarify intention. Fact: most gals like when guys use emojis.

Use these tips, and I’m sure you will find yourself receiving more replies from trans women.

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