6 Ways To Impress a Transwoman

Want to impress your next transexual lover? Meeting a lady from a dating site like TSmeet.com and want to make a good first impression?

Follow these tipsĀ for TS dating success:

1. Shut Up about Her Gender
All you need to know about her gender is that she is a woman, plain and simple. You don’t need to discuss her gender with her, and if you have highly personal questions for her you should consider saving them for your second meeting or later. Keep things light and treat her like the lady she is.

2. Give a Sincere Compliment
Most transexual women put a lot of effort into their appearance and will strive to look especially nice for first dates or when out meeting men. Let her know that you’ve noticed by giving her a genuine compliment.

3. Avoid the Wrong Terms
Do NOT refer to a transwoman as a shemale or tranny. Ever. Read more about the death of the word Tranny and our post about which terms are unacceptable. You could end up using an unsavory term purely out of ignorance but why not be educated on what’s appropriate instead?

4. Display Your Best Manners
As I said above, you should treat a transwoman as a lady. You do this by being a true gentleman. Open doors, hold out her chair, give her your arm. You will be surprised at how refreshing your trans date will find this behaviour.

5. Be a Good Listener
You may be crushing hard and eager to get things moving sexually, but nothing will score you more points in that direction than being a good listener. I’m talking about being genuinely interested and trying your best to get to know your date better. Don’t bother faking it or she’ll see right through you.

6. Groom and Dress Your Best
There is nothing worse than dressing to impress and then meeting up with a guy in baggy shorts and runners. Mirror your trans date’s approach to looking good by wearing something nice and appropriate to the setting, and be sure to groom well. Trim that beard, take a shower, and woo her with your sweet-smelling attention to detail.

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