Dating Profile Fixes to Meet more Trans Women

I’ve read hundreds of men’s profiles in the past month, and see the same mistakes being made. These “mistakes” are turn offs and can easily be fixed to attract more women. If you’re reaching out to trans women on your dating site and are having zero or very few responses, it’s not usually you, but your profile that a woman is finding unattractive. Let me share with you some quick fixes to apply to your dating profile that will help you to meet more ladies.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Online Dating Profile

1. Choose a variety of photos. I can’t believe the number of men who message me with NO photo. Really? You think I’m going to respond to someone who I have no idea what they look like. Great profile pics are your calling card. Use at least four or five, with a close-up of you smiling as your cover shot.

2. Write a unique description of you. I read many profiles that could easily be interchangeable… snoring. Make sure to fill out all sections, while revealing what makes you special, whether that’s your interests or how you see the world.

3. Include your interest in trans women. You may share what attracts you to transgender women, or maybe that you’ve had past relationships or experience dating t-girls.

4. Update your profile regularly. I’ve read profiles that haven’t changed in over four years. Women like to know you’re evolving, and the best way to show them this (before you meet) is by tweaking your profile as you experience new things in your life, and this includes refreshing your photos.

5. Exude a positive energy. Reread your profile and try to discern the vibe it’s conveying. If you mention previous bad relationships or what you’re NOT looking for, you’re sending a negative message. Women want to feel a warm, hopeful, and energetic outlook when they read a man’s profile.

I hope these tips will help you to make the most of your dating profile… and to meet more t-girls online. Remember, be patient, and good things… and women will come your way.

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