You Know You’re a Transgender Admirer When…

The first time I recall attraction to a transgender woman, it was like a lightning bolt because the feeling was so intense. Even though I mostly date men, I have always enjoyed making love to women, including transgender women.

Am I a transgender admirer? For sure, although probably not the way the terminology is understood or used today. Those of you men who have a strong attraction to or preference for transgender women (with or without an equal attraction to cis women) often call yourself transgender admirers or trans-oriented.

You know you’re a trans admirer when…

…your virtual DVD shelf is overflowing with transgender cinema.

There are amazing films that recognized transgender people, their stories and needs, long in advance of the current news vogue. Before words like “gender fluid” or “non-binary” or “cis” had even entered the national vocabulary, thoughtful filmmakers were giving artistic, soulful consideration to transgender people.

The day you noticed that your fave films were The Crying Game, TransAmerica, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Normal, and Flawless, you probably realized something about yourself.

…you find yourself fantasizing about her tits and cock.

Every man will  undress a woman in his mind. If somewhere along the way, you noticed that undressing her mentally included flashes of breasts, nipples, pussy, and… a penis, well, that was probably a big clue that you were sexually attracted to transgender women.

Some trans-oriented men, women, or trans people have specific desires for women who still have penises, and some for women who have surgically transitioned to female biology all the way. Most of us don’t care—whatever is there is part of the whole package.

…your brother or buddy finds your porn cache.

You lent your brother your laptop when his was down, so that he could get through a weekend of heavy college homework. He’s been ribbing you about the amount of porn you downloaded, and winked about your “special interest categories.”

Every dude has special interest categories of porn. From “dirty stepsister” to “yoga pants,” there’s something for everyone. Your cache happens to include a lot of transexual beauties. Maybe you didn’t even notice how much, until someone else did.

…you find yourself at protests and marches, hoping to meet women.

The day you found yourself holding up a sign for bathroom rights or healthcare coverage for all is a noteworthy moment. It’s amazing to get involved in any helpful, hopeful endeavor, whether it’s hurricane-relief city building or nursing stray puppies back to life.

If you realize part of the draw is your passion for the purpose, and the other is your passion for the selection of gender fluid ladies in attendance, that might be your first clue!

…you’ve found our blog, and you’re meeting trans women on niche dating sites.

Congratulations—when you get here, you know you’re where you need to be! A place where you can learn more about transgender women and their issues and rights, openly discuss and exchange your healthy sexual interest in transexuals with other admirers and trans women themselves, and talk to or meet the women of your dreams.

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