How to Make Your TS Date Feel Desirable

It was always a mystery to me why I would feel sex-crazed with one lover or boyfriend and so-so with another. I know, I know… chemistry is part of it, but I’ve had partners I admittedly didn’t feel super physically attracted to but couldn’t keep my hands off. After much pondering and discussions with girlfriends, I figured it out!

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When you make a woman feel desirable, she can’t help but want to engage with you intimately. It makes perfect sense. I appreciate the men in my past who were able to do that because I realize they are a rare breed.

If you can make your trans date or girlfriend feel desirable, you have a much better chance of getting laid or having more sex than you already are. So, what makes a lady feel desired? Here’s a few things…

Tips to Make a Trans Woman Feel Desirable

Pay attention. This is the easiest thing you can do to make her not only feel desired, but also to let her know that she is important to you. When she talks, listen well, and remember the small details she reveals about herself.

Compliment. Women want to know that you recognize when they put effort into looking good. And don’t be shy to tell her how much you like the softness of her skin or the curve of her hips (whatever it is) once you get to know her.

Take her out. Enjoying her company alone is wonderful, but it also says something when you take the time to plan a date tailored to her specific needs or interests—dinner at her favorite restaurant, tickets to a band she likes, or a walk in a beautiful park.  

Notice the small things. Be sure to tell her you love her new haircut, or the cute ankle boots she’s wearing with her skinny jeans. If you see her in something new, bring attention to it. 

Make eye contact. A woman will swoon if she sees a man can’t keep his eyes off her. You can sometimes say a lot more with your eyes than you could ever communicate verbally. Just be sure not to cross the line from casual staring to full-on leering.

Flirt. Make her feel like she’s the only woman in the room… or world. Be playful and fun while keeping the focus on her. Light physical contact is okay on a first date to let her know you’re interested.

Be affectionate. She may not be into PDAs but if a woman feels you love touching her—hugs, cuddles, kisses—she will feel confident about your feelings and an emotional safety that goes a long way.

Initiate sex. She may do this too, but it’s important that you let her know how much you want her. If she sees that you can’t keep your hands off her, she’ll feel super sexy and desirable.

As you can see, there are many ways to make your trans lady feel desirable at every stage of a relationship. Please leave any tips that you have in the comments!

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