How to Beat the Online Dating Odds and Meet TS Women

Nobody said online dating was easy. Although it takes effort, it is still the best way to meet women for hookups. And if you’re a trans admirer, it really should be your go-to route.

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So how can you be the one a lovely trans woman wants to date? A lot of my guy friends say things like, “For every hundred messages I send women, I’m lucky to get one reply.” As someone who has years of online dating experience, that sounds about right. But… you can easily increase those odds with these five steps.

How to Beat the Online Dating Odds

Create a stellar profile. Most men are so eager to meet a trans lady, that they quickly fill out a profile and immediately start sending messages after joining a site. I guarantee that your profile is going to be ignored by most women if this is your approach.

Take your time, fill out each section with detail and answers that really show off your unique personality. I recommend asking a close friend to help.

Choose great photos. We share lots of tips on picking profile pics, but some hard and fast rules include no bathroom selfies, at least one close-up of your face, smile in most of your pics, and try to show some of your passions within your photos.

Send thoughtful messages. Once you’re sure your profile is a cut above the rest (don’t be shy about checking out other men’s profiles for comparison), you can start browsing for ladies who you’d like to meet. Read their entire profile, and write her a unique first message. Short and sweet with a sprinkle of humor are best.

Be honest. Never misrepresent yourself in your profile (because it’s game over when you’re caught out), and state what you’re looking for. If it’s casual sex, that’s okay. If it’s a friend with benefits, that’s okay. As long as you’re honest, women won’t have a problem, and you’ll save yourself and others a lot of time by not beating around the bush.

Be respectful always. Someone you meet for a first date may not seem like a match immediately, but follow through anyway. Even if it’s just coffee, it’s the right thing to do. This type of integrity will keep your reputation intact, and who knows, maybe you’ll find some common ground.

Remember: the initial effort you put in to create a superstar profile will go a long way towards meeting more women.

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