Turning a Hookup into Friends with Benefits

Casual sex. It can be a glorious thing, especially when the quantity and quality can be counted on. And this is often the best part of a friend with benefits. The difficult part in this arrangement is finding it. Occasionally it can just fall into your lap… you meet a woman where the sex is all you have in common, so you think hey, why not extend the relationship. Nothing wrong with a booty call here or there, right? Or maybe you’ve had a friend forever and one night after a few drinks things get physical. This has happened to me, and I don’t recommend it… it either ruins a perfectly good relationship or takes quite a bit of effort, on both parts, to fix it.

Try these three steps to a successful friends with bnenefits relationship:

1. Find your Friend
Finding a trans woman can be a challenge. Finding a trans woman who wants a FWB arrangement can be even more daunting. This is definitely an online quest. Check out trans specific dating sites before joining and making a profile that states exactly what you are looking for: a friendly relationship that involves casual sex or casual dating. There are women who want just that, too!

Find your TS Hookup now!

2. Be a Great Lover
When you meet a woman for a date (because most women aren’t going to just jump into bed without a little meet and greet first), you’ll want to be as kind and considerate as you would be with a woman you want a serious relationship with. When you do get to the hookup phase of things, give it your all. Don’t be shy about pulling out your best tricks because you want to leave a great impression that has her wanting more… and great sex always has a woman wanting more.

3. Stand Back
Once you’ve put your best self forward, inside and outside the bedroom, you can take a step back and let her direct what will hopefully turn into something ongoing. The level of friendship that develops will be hard to determine at this point and will organically unfold. Pursuing a woman too much now can make her think you want something more but giving her the reins reminds her of the casual relationship you seek.

Warning: great sex can make a woman gaga: fall in love (even if she doesn’t know you). But it’s a risk you’ll have to take. Sometimes a casual fling can turn into a beautiful thing.

What’s your experience with FWB relationships? Any advice or tips to care to share?

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