7 Rules for Dating Trans Women

Every man who admires trans women has something to learn when it comes to dating these beauties. T-girls want to be seen the same as a cis-gender women would. Just being interested in her because she is trans isn’t going to cut it, you need to want to get to know her as an individual.

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Rules for Dating Trans Ladies

1. Watch your language. The word tranny is not acceptable, even if you say I love trannies. And be sure to ask what pronouns she prefers.

2. Be respectful. Trans women like chivalry as much as the next gal. And just because being trans involves their special parts, it doesn’t mean they want to focus the conversation on that.

3. Educate yourself. These women will know their personal journeys intimately, but don’t expect them to know about every trans issue in detail or to teach you.

4. Ask the right questions. Refrain from asking things like what her name used to be or about surgeries she may have had, especially on a first date. Hobbies, pets, travel are easy, natural topics to ask about on a first date.

5. Admire, don’t fetishize. T-girls want to be seen as any other woman, not the trans women you see in porn. If you think that’s what you’re going to get on a date, you’re wrong.

6. Give the right compliments. Telling a trans woman she is passable or feminine is going to come across as rude and ignorant. You can say the same thing in a polite way by telling her she looks beautiful.

7. Focus on her. This means not concentrating on the fact that she is trans but what her interests and goals are… this could lead to planning a second date.

Of course, there are many more things a trans woman wants and hopes for when she is dating… but these should help you get started. Readers, what tips can you add?

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