5 Hot TS Dates for Winter

A lot of people find it much easier to plan a sexy date in the summer, but don’t let the frigid temperatures of winter cool your hookups.

Whether you’re more comfortable staying inside during the cold months or you’re an outdoor enthusiast all year round, there’s a date that’s perfect for you and your trans lover.

5 Winter Date Ideas to Stay Warm

1. Skating and Skiing

Physical activities are a sure-fire way to get close to your lover or date because they often include some form of contact. Maybe one of you will be helping the other learn, or the activity requires a physical connection. These ideas also take the pressure off of an interview-like date.

2. Winter Cottage

You don’t have to own a cottage for a sexy overnight stay in the woods. There are plenty of Airbnb abodes for rent. Couples can get away from their everyday routines with a romantic stay at a cottage. Just imagine, you and your trans lady snuggling in front of the fire after walk in country.

3. Games Night

This is the perfect date for those of you on a budget. Whether you prefer old school board games like Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit or video games, this is a great way to avoid going out in the cold. This is also a good idea for double dating with friends.

4. Romantic Dinner at Home

Nothing impresses a woman more than a man showing off his culinary skills. When a man puts effort into the planning and execution of a date, they are often rewarded with some PDA (private displays of affection!) Get cooking, and don’t be surprised when she offers dessert.

5. Indulge Her Fantasy

If your TS girlfriend or lover has shared a secret desire, surprise her with making her fantasy a reality. It may not be your bag, but showing her that her pleasure is yours, is a great way to build trust and intimacy.

These are just a few ideas to keep warm this winter. And if all else fails, you can always Netflix and chill.

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