How to Impress Your Trans Date

First dates are first impressions. If you don’t impress, it’s unlikely that you will get that all important second date. Even if a woman doesn’t feel hot-burning chemistry on a first date, she will go another round if a man has left his mark. Here are a few tips that will increase your chances of seeing her again…

1. Make the plan. No woman wants a wishy-washy man who can’t take the lead. Be creative and plan something that highlights her interests.

2. Be punctual. Seems a no-brainer, but men show up late all the time. No excuse is going get rid of that icky feeling of someone not valuing your time. Get your date off on the right foot, and show up a little early.

3. Be trans sensitive. If you’re expecting a hyper-sexed “tranny” you see in porn, think again. Trans women are no different than cisgender women. They want to be respected and wooed. You may have a lot of questions about her gender and past, but the first date isn’t the time to bring these up.

4. Have a backup plan. If your initial plan isn’t going well, be ready with alternative activities or locations. It doesn’t mean the date is failing, it may just need a little tweaking.

5. Ask lots of questions. This will assure your date that you are interested in her and want to know more. Work, family, and interests are all great topics, but stay away from things that are too personal – her transition or past relationships.

6. Be a gentleman. Courteous, polite behaviour to not only her, but also those around you (waiters, vendors, passersbys) will earn you brownie points. Hopefully this just comes naturally.

7. Keep it light. If you can make her laugh, you know the date is going well and that she is feeling comfortable. No matter how hot she is, don’t expect sex on a first date. It’s cool if it does happen, but sometimes it’s better to wait.

8. Pick up the tab. Some will argue with this, but I think the man should pay on the first date. After that, going dutch or taking turns is all good.

Beginner’s Guide to Dating Transexual Women

Do you have any tips you can add? What impresses you?

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