A Traditional Gentlemen In An Unconventional Relationship

Some TS dating novices mistakenly believe that just because dating a shemale is unconventional, all the gender roles need to be dismissed. That just isn’t true and here’s why. Every T-girl has seen those old black and white movies with a classy gentleman lavishing praise on his lady and treating her like the most valuable part of his life. In fact, the gender roles being rebelled against by men who become transgender individuals often stem from those old films and traditional roleplay experiences they witnessed in their past.

Most would prefer to have their cake and eat it too! Going from being a male to a fabulous shemale and finding a TS dating partner who can adopt the traditional gentleman part of the paradigm as his own is a fantasy so many shemale dating enthusiasts have expressed online. It’s as simple as opening the door for her, gently helping her put on her coat, or pulling out her chair at the restaurant. Standing up for her and taking her side, being the rock she can lean on in hard times or the air under her wings when she’s flying higher than the sun.

Dating trans women has so many advantages over traditional dating online, though there are some similarities to the dating you have already done before now. Stay classy, and allow your newest love interest to experience the better side of yourself. You don’t have to smoke or speak with a 1940s accent to complete the black and white movie caricature she wants to experience, but there’s a whole lot to be said for a long walk under the moonlight on a summer’s eve, or cloaking her in your sports jacket if her arms seem cold in that strapless dress. Go the extra mile for your lady, and she’ll always make sure you’re glad you did!

What do you do to impress the ladies?

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